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    Post-Surgery Recovery at Home vs. Rehab?

    Hi. I had bilateral knee replacement surgery 8 weeks ago. I found that both the PT and the OT were extremely helpful in letting me know what equipment would be go to have a home. We did rent a stair glide for a few months because all of our bedrooms and showers are upstairs. I did go a rehab...
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    Bilateral knee replacement muscle pain

    Thank you for your reply. I talked with my PT today and she thinks it may be that I am over exercising at home. I am using a treadmill and bike plus doing other exercise she has given me. So I am going to back off some of the exercising and see if this helps. Thanks again.
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    Bilateral knee replacement muscle pain

    I had bilateral knee replacement surgery 8 weeks ago and have been progressing excellently. In the last few days, I have been having muscle spasms/pain/cramps in both legs in both the quads, hamstrings and calf muscles. I almost fell in a store yesterday when this happening. It is scary...


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