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    TKR No Kneecaps and a TKR<

    Looks like a left over staple
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    TKR Knee complication torn MCL

    My knee was replaced February 20, 2019
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    TKR Knee complication torn MCL

    Thanks that was a good article and my surgeon did exactly what it suggested for best outcome. Now I don’t know what to do.
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    TKR Knee complication torn MCL

    I had my second knee replaced this week. First one was completely successful no problems, text book recovery. This one however was not to be so. The surgeon informed me that during the surgery my MCL snapped. He repaired it and then selected a different knee that would compensate for this. My...
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    TKR I year anniversary

    Me too
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    TKR Embracing my new knee

    July 12 not June 12
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    TKR Embracing my new knee

    Had my left TKR done June 12. Pain has become like an intimate partner. Funny thing about pain is it must be treated with kid gloves. It hurts the least when I am up and walking. It hurts the most when I try to bend it or lift it. Yesterday was the worse day of my whole life....literally...

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