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    TKR Nickel Allergy Confirmed with Blood Test

    That is more important than most of us know. Thank you for posting that for people to at least have a chance to think about. I had a knee replacement at the beginning of January, 2016. My knee is still extremely stiff and painful. I only have 80 degrees flexion. The OS said that he had...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Thank you!!! It worked!!
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Thanks Flagranny - will do. That's a good idea. L
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    wow... thank you for this information Flagranny. I wonder if I can find a way to make mine go through. I'll try again. It's important to try to keep Bonesmart available for those who deal with ortho surgery - a tough journey. Thank you again for telling me that you were able to get through!
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Thanks, FlaGranny! Actually, I don't use google for this. The notice that popped up said that international donations could not be accepted. I live in Canada - is your credit card British? Thanks for any clarification.
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Good morning from across the pond, This is a tough time for Bonesmart, with the cutbacks creating financial stress. I have tried to make a donation through my credit card, but international cards cannot be accepted for some reason. I sincerely wish to contribute to this "grass roots" support...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Thank you Marian, it sure does help to have this forum, where we can swap our experiences. I can't imagine how isolating this surgery would have been without it. Thank you for telling me about your dad - the decline is so hard to see, when they were once so capable. I'm sorry he's so far away...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Here's hoping that you had some funl moments with family today, and that the weather where you are was pleasant as well. Here it was windy and chilly, so I bundled my mother up to take her for her CT scan at the hospital before taking her for dinner. Thank you for your reply. Yes, Wednesdays...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Thank you so much for the reassurance - it is valued, as I'm sure you remember early in your surgery experience. A CT scan is in the works for this knee, before I go to the surgeon again on the 19th. Thank you for the advice about waiting for the MUA - this duration will be just what you have...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Hi there Celle, reporting from my desk at work here.... It's been very tough to make that return after packing up my Mum's house, when what the knee really needed was a complete rest! However, as the saying goes, "Life is what happens..." I have ice packs here, and use them regularly, but...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Good morning (here in Canada it's a.m.) Celle! Thank you for taking the time for this reply. You are one of the experienced advisers here, and I appreciate your input. It's a mixed blessing that your mother passed away peacefully in her sleep. That is the ideal way that all of us would wish to...
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    TKR Here it is - my LTKR recovery thread

    Hi there Campervan, I am very encouraged by this post. The comparison you have described, and the improvements you have experienced give me hope. Unfortunately, at 3 months, I had no choice but to sort and pack up my mother's house. Her advanced dementia made it necessary to move her to a...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    By the way, I do hope all of our Aussie Bonesmart friends understand that I am strictly "tongue in cheek" as I say "of all places", when attributing this wonderful discovery and marvellous feat of medical engineering. It was meant in good fun, but if any are offended, I offer my humble...
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    TKR New year, new knee!<

    Hello Josephine, I do hope that this exciting news gets through to you!!! Some very clever researchers in Australia (of all places) have figured out how to use a "biopen" to target joints and "draw" stem cells to repair cartilage! They do believe that this will help to reduce the number of our...
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    TKR Well, hello

    Hi there OldHippie! This is my first surgery as well, and although that can be a good thing, it`s hard to start off with the one that is reputed to be the most painful! I`m sorry to hear that you had to have the additional work done to correct the patella, and glad that all is well now. I too...


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