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    TKR LTKR on June 23

    I couldn't sleep but I finished a good book. A bit of a midday bedrest will help, I hope. I remember being a young working mom and wished for more time to rest. Now I am retired and recovering from this major event and wish I could rest less. The good Lord must be laughing at my foolishness.
  2. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    thanks @Sisterpat, I hope you are doing well I think I will try to nap in the early afternoon.
  3. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    thanks @sistersinhim. Now that I think back over 3 decades, it's like the fatigue of pregnancy, you just can't push through it.
  4. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    My week 9 problem is afternoon fatigue. I feel so good in the morning that I do errands, do exercises, take a walk or ride my bike, do laundry or housework. Then by 3 or 4 pm, I am exhausted. Is this normal? I try to lie down and elevate after lunch and ice as needed. Just about weaned off all...
  5. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    thanks @Flutter1 and @FCBayern. I walked about 3/4 of a mile in the woods yesterday, sheer bliss. weeks 7 and 8 were tough because of postop blues about wanting to do more, but week 9 has been a huge turning point for me. tylenol or nsaids are only occasional now, not taken daily. Still relaxing...
  6. Jo Wo

    TKR Flutter1’s BoneSmart Success

    Well it's actually a good sign when there is not much knee talk now! Glad to hear that you are enjoying the fullness of life.
  7. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    Almost 9 weeks postop and good things are happening: no meds required for sleep. I ice in the evening. did all my pt at home, added glute bridges, and moved the ankle weights up from 3 to 5 lbs. Swelling is down noticeably. Didn't even take my cane with me for that first trip downstairs this...
  8. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    thanks @FCBayern and @sistersinhim. I discharged myself from pt today with a flex of 123 at nine weeks. I believe what you say is true, the rest will come in time. I can do what I need to do in terms of walking and stairs and my ADL's. with covid cases rising, and with a well equipped home...
  9. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    2 month update Hurricane Henri passed us by and just brought a lot of rain. Yesterday I had my most active day yet, and only took one naproxen in the morning. We weeded out a sloped garden bed in the morning. I cleaned and mopped after a brief rest. I did small tasks interspersed with rest...
  10. Jo Wo

    TKR #2 done

    Oh Claire do be careful about that blood pressure issue! I left the hospital anemic as well as with low bp. My husband escorted me about whenever I was up the first few days and nights.
  11. Jo Wo

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    ah Bugs Bunny.......I loved his classical music cartoons, especially the Wagner Ring series one.
  12. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    8 week update: I am down to about 1000 mg tylenol and 180 mg advil per day. I will try to hold off taking it as long as I can today. also trying to go decaf today was down to one cup regular coffee and one cup regular tea this week. I want to see if that reduces the palpitations. Stamina is...
  13. Jo Wo

    TKR Tourniquet pain

    @GZGirl22 it sounds like you are coming along very well! At nearly 8 weeks I still struggle with reduced stamina. I just try to do a little more week by week. And I still use my cane or walking poles outdoors, for safety and to signal to people to steer clear of me. Today will be my first...
  14. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    palpitations have mostly settled down. weeded thefront garden yesterday, sat and rested a couple of times. My stamina isn't what it used to be. hamstrings a bit tight this morning will do some stretches after the bike and a hot shower to loosen. other little victory: I can carefully get down on...
  15. Jo Wo

    TKR Arrangrls RKR Journey

    the temptation to do too much seems high at this point in recovery. I went out to pull weeds for about 30 minutes this morning and although my knee feels ok the past few hours, I have no stamina and have taken a short nap! I hope the doctor puts your mind at ease on Monday and that it's...


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