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    Anyone have or heard of brachial neuritis?

    I have it, have had it over 13 years. Just never heard of anyone ever having it besides me
  2. J

    Anyone have or heard of brachial neuritis?

    Looking for info on brachial neuritis?
  3. J

    TKR Nervous & Lost

    All great advice!!!!
  4. J

    TKR Post op at home

    The meds, so I alternate them with the hydros or just Tylenol and ibuphrophen?
  5. J

    TKR Post op at home

    One or the other, or alternate them?
  6. J

    TKR Post op at home

    Gosh I sure how so. All I do right now is sit around and cry and feel sorry for myself!!!!!!! Thank you!!
  7. J

    TKR Post op at home

    I just don't think I feel comfortable driving yet.... Idk I'm just over this whole thing, want to go back to a normal day pain free....
  8. J

    TKR Post op at home

    Wow, ya it will be a couple weeks I think
  9. J

    TKR Fast Recovery

    Good for you, you recovered very fast. It's been 2 weeks for me and I'm just now feeling back to myself somewhat...... Still alot of pain, but getting better...... I'm just OVER THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. J

    TKR Post op at home

    How long before you could drive, with it being the right knee. I'm kinda afraid of driving.
  11. J

    TKR Post op at home

    Thank you. My primary dr is one of those who won't give out pain meds, which is fine, but when you really need them, they need to realize that. It's not like I like the way they make me feel, not sure what the big addiction is about them, but I guess something. I just want my pain under control.
  12. J

    TKR Post op at home

    Yes PT, that's when I really need them.. And at night really. But he said no more after that was gone, so idk is only been 2 weeks.
  13. J

    TKR Post op at home

    How long was everyone in hospital. My surgery was at 11am on the 8th, and they sent me home, I was home on couch by 330-400pm, don't that seem crazy?????
  14. J

    TKR Post op at home

    Right total replacement, done on Jan. 8th, 2021
  15. J

    TKR TKR Week 5 - weight bearing pain

    Wow, well glad your finally feeling better. I'm at 2 weeks right now and have 2 pain pills left, he said I don't get anymore either. Idk what I'll do, I start out patient PT tomorrow, and the pain is still at a steady 7 or so, at night a 9 or 10. Any suggestions????


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