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Recent content by HipsterKat

  1. HipsterKat

    Revision THR dislocation two weeks after revision<

    @Onestepatatime -- glad your interview went well!! I know what you mean about the drain of putting on a suit, make up, etc. I remember being exhausted before I even left the house. Take care of yourself tomorrow! :loveshwr:
  2. HipsterKat

    THR HipsterKat’s Recovery Thread

    Thanks @Layla!!! I'm doing pretty well and have been meaning to check in with everybody here. Work has been crazy, trying to make up for basically having 4 months off with all the medical stuff last winter/spring. I'll post an update with the highs and lows soon!
  3. HipsterKat

    THR Superpath recovery what to expect

    I slept on the couch the first two weeks. For some reason it felt more supportive than my bed. But if you have a low couch, be really careful getting up so that you don’t bend at too sharp of an angle.
  4. HipsterKat

    THR PostOp from July 10th, 2019

    Hi @PetMama. So sorry you had such a crappy hospital stay — I feel for you, having been through something similar. But now that you’re home, put that behind you and let the healing begin! :loveshwr::flwrysmile:
  5. HipsterKat

    THR Superpath recovery what to expect

    Welcome @CLS! I second Layla’s suggestion to get a leg lifter loop to help you get in and out of bed. Also don’t forget to engage your abdominal muscles when moving your legs around — helps take the stress off your back.
  6. HipsterKat

    THR LoneStrHip's Recovery Thread

    Hello and welcome! 10 weeks out and I’m STILL sleeping on my back — it just became a habit. I have a couple of medium density pillows that I put under each knee. Isn’t it cool watching the improvement each day? It slows down eventually, but those early days (frustrating as they sometimes are)...
  7. HipsterKat

    THR Hipster64's Recovery Thread

    Yep!! My staff sang the theme from Rocky the first few times I made it up the stairs to work. :driver:
  8. HipsterKat

    Revision THR My RTHR journey and the road back to an active life.

    @Ptarmigan, this is so true! I have played around with it and found that not drinking enough h2o and not getting enough sleep will cause me to gain weight, all other things being equal. @CPH, good work with your healthy eating! I am sure it is helping your healing and your body is happier!!
  9. HipsterKat

    Revision THR dislocation two weeks after revision<

    @Onestepatatime have fun with your friends at the pool! (Take it easy though!)
  10. HipsterKat

    THR My journey, if only I had known<

    Thanks for the update @Hip4life (and @lotusbuds). So encouraging for those of us earlier on. Tomorrow is my 10-week anniversary and I have been feeling really frustrated due to stiffness and scar issues. Nice to get a reminder that there is still a whole lot of healing to be done.
  11. HipsterKat

    Revision THR My RTHR journey and the road back to an active life.

    Yay -- wishing you many more days like that! Glad to hear your "reinforced" femur is doing well!
  12. HipsterKat

    THR Hipster64's Recovery Thread

    @Hipster64, yay one week down!!! Hope things keep going smoothly!
  13. HipsterKat

    THR Here We Go Again!

    Love this image!! It's the little things. For me it was "I'm going to put on ACTUAL pants and go get the mail!" :walking: Hope they have gotten your pain meds sorted out.
  14. HipsterKat

    THR Fiona UK recovery<

    @Fiona444 glad you are healing well! I also had to wait 10+ days for my first shower - felt so good when I finally was able!!
  15. HipsterKat

    Revision THR dislocation two weeks after revision<

    Ughhh is right — so sorry you had to experience that. Hoping these five weeks go by quickly and uneventfully!

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