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    Ankle My TAR adventure

    In theory. My job requires it so I certainly hope so. Biggest possible issues are that I still have a decent amount of scar tissue in the front of the ankle and dorsiflexion is just ok so far, and the other issue is that I have a metal bracket (related to the lateral style TAR I had put in, a...
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    Ankle My TAR adventure

    You might be able to hike sooner than that. My TAR surgery was back at the end of Jan and I’ve already hiked up to 11mi with a 2000’ elevation change. Gonna try for a 12mi 3000’ hike in a week or so and will see how a short talus field goes. Anyway, if your recovery goes well, you should be...
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    Ankle Trying to learn more about TAR

    Once you find a TAR specialist, I'd ask them about if putting off any surgeries will potentially cause problems later on down the line. In my case, it wouldn't have mattered, but the ankle had gotten so bad I decided to just go ahead and do the TAR. My guess is putting it off doesn't matter too...
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    Ankle TAR vs microfracture vs graft (cadaver or DeNovo)

    Thanks. Just fortunate that it’s seemingly going well for me. I think you are on the right track. Exercise as much as you can to keep the ankle moving but not so much that it gets super swollen and gets worse. I will say that some of the mobility exercises I do hurt quite a bit (I also have...
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    Ankle TAR vs microfracture vs graft (cadaver or DeNovo)

    Thanks, but that likely won't work. It's a very nerve-centric kind of pain that gets set off with any kind of repeated touch, even if it's super light. I had this problem before when the ankle was unstable and would rub against the side of a form fitted boot. It just gets irritated and inflamed...
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    Ankle TAR vs microfracture vs graft (cadaver or DeNovo)

    Update: saw the doc at the beginning of the month and everything still seems fine. I'm cleared to do lower impact activities like hiking, which I've been doing to help get back into shape. I've been walking around 2 miles with a lot of elevation change daily on dirt trails with no ankle support...
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    Ankle TAR vs microfracture vs graft (cadaver or DeNovo)

    Thanks for the well wishes. I'm dealing with more muscle atrophy than usual because I could barely walk between the summer surgery up until I got the cast off after the January TAR. Will be interesting to see how quickly it builds back up now that I've been cleared for weight bearing...
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    Ankle TAR vs microfracture vs graft (cadaver or DeNovo)

    Now 12 weeks out from surgery and I saw the doc today. Pleased to say things are looking pretty good. X-rays show that the ankle replacement is properly aligned when loaded: It gets to about a 4 in soreness when I’m on it for a decent amount of time (I’ve walked a little over a half mile a...
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    Ankle Is this normal?

    Alternatively, if you are having trouble getting your ankle in a comfortable position while icing because of a lack of support, maybe wrap your ankle tightly in an ACE bandage first for support/compression, and then put some kind of cooling over that.
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    Ankle Is this normal?

    If you can keep off the air cast when not mobile, I’d probably be icing the bejeezus out of your leg if you aren’t already. You could maybe even look into buying/renting a cold therapy machine to get you through this period. They usually have an adjustable temp so that you can safely leave it on...
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    Ankle TAR vs microfracture vs graft (cadaver or DeNovo)

    About 2.5 weeks weight bearing, and a lot of the soreness seems to have dissipated. it happened pretty suddenly too. About 4-5 days ago it still hurt like crazy. Now I’m actually walking around unassisted with just an ankle brace as the boot is more uncomfortable. I’m still being cautious when...
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    Ankle Is this normal?

    Your trepidation after such a bad accident is understandable, but if it ends up interfering with your ability to rehab, that’s not a good thing, as you realize. Rationally, you understand that nothing bad will happen from PT, but the irrational part of you seems to be terrified. It sucks, but...
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    Ankle TAR UPDATE

    Sorry to hear about the revision. Best of luck going forward.
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    Ankle TAR vs microfracture vs graft (cadaver or DeNovo)

    It’s been a little over a week since the cast came off and I’m weight bearing, and it’s now clear that the recovery will be slower than from my other ankle surgeries. Nothing alarming, but the ankle gets really sore very quickly if I have full weight on it. I was hoping for better of course, but...
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    Ankle Waiting

    My place is also 3 floors. Kind of late advice for stairs on crutches, but going down stairs I find it easier to put my hand on the top of both crutches and hold on to the handrail with the other hand. I put the crutches two steps below me and then hop down one step before moving the crutches...


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