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    TKR My recovery TKR 8/13

    @benne68 - I still use bad down, good up in the early morning when I am stiff, or if I know my knee is tired, but up is really easy now. Down tends to involve a bit more soreness, but each week is better. Same goes for side sleeping and pain turning in bed. Each week the "catching" pain when...
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    TKR Tourniquet pain

    Not quite ten weeks. Discharged today with 131 degrees flexion. Still sore and swollen at times but so happy with the progress
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    TKR Hello From Australia

    It is a sign your nerves are regenerating and it will disappear and possibly come back from time to time. It's startling but it generally passes after a couple of weeks. I asked the same exact question after my TKR --- this is the stuff the doctors neglect to mention before you go in. So glad...
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    TKR My recovery TKR 8/13

    You will continue to be pleasantly surprised at your recovery. I was where you are a few short weeks ago (I am at 10 weeks out) and PT kicked me out-- they said I have pretty much completed every task they have to offer so its on me now. I am walking a mile for exercise and up to 10K steps a...
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    TKR Tourniquet pain

    Well I am about 7 weeks out now. I am going up stairs conventionally with no problem, coming down still "catches" but it is getting better. I am walking about 7000 steps a day. Am starting to feel like life is becoming normal. I can sleep on my side for an hour or so before it gets...
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    TKR Better each week

    Welcome! This is a great forum for all the questions you are going to have in your recovery.
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    TKR Maryt's LTKA

    You already got some good advice on the IT band. Hoping this resolves quickly for you. :)
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    TKR Tourniquet pain

    Thanks Jockette! My one month post op appt with OS was today. They are very happy with the progress. Got my car keys back and an OK to ease into my weightlifting, pilates, and other activities but to go with caution. Also were fine with bike, walking, and elliptical. My stamina is improving...
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    TKR My TKA journey so far....

    I am in the same boat -- making good progress but after a PT session with higher weights or new "activities" I am also getting some soreness and swelling. It seems to resolve more quickly each week so take heart. Sounds like you are doing terrific!
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    TKR Yikes! Ive been gone

    We sometimes let it happen the first time, but then -- when we pay the price-- we become more proactive at controlling our own recoveries. Sorry you had to experience this. What have you been doing up until now that may have caused strain?
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    TKR Tourniquet pain

    Week 5 Sleeping is definitely improving. I can almost side sleep now, too. Stamina is improving slowly and I am doing about 5500 steps per day. It is odd, but the knee feels stiff even though my ROM is improving. I am doing more so maybe it is “stiff” for the activities I am doing, but still an...
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    TKR Look these doctors up and do your exercises. It's the key to a better result.

    So happy you have done so well. I totally get your point as I did "prehab" for a year before mine and as you say, it does make a huge difference. Not all TKR patients are physically able to do an exercise regimen before (but folks if you can, make it a priority) and I feel for them as it does...
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    TKR My knee is straight

    electrolyte solutions like Powerade or Gatorade may help if your muscles start cramping. Gentle static stretches will help too. Good luck with your recovery
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    TKR Struggling to Bend

    Well they are quoting desired outcomes but maybe your knee has been getting messed around and is fighting back by swelling. Bottom line is this: Even if they want to do a MUA, you have the right to say no, not yet. After all, if you do not make progress (and you do need to keep working at it...
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    TKR When do you know?

    Cortisone helped me a lot and lasted quite a long time for me, but after 3 shots and knowing I was bone on bone, I finally had to face up to the need for surgery. When I had the last cortisone shot I scheduled the surgery for 6 months later (1st shot lasted almost 2.5 years, 2nd half that time...


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