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    Getting scared...and it's my second TKR!!

    Hi @need2knees! I know exactly what you're going through! My first tkr was 4 years ago and I said the exact same thing-"never again no matter how bad the other knee gets!" So I put it off for almost 3 years till I was pretty much house bound and in constant pain. I found a new doctor, expressed...
  2. Grammy211

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Hi @jaschembra! I haven't been on here for a while due to "life"! I do check on your posts every so often though and like to keep track of how you're doing! I'm happy to see the progress you've made and I'm sure you are too! Keep up the great work and I'll try to drop by to say Howdy again...
  3. Grammy211

    TKR Laura's recovery journey begins

    I'm wondering what nerve or soft tissue goes along the outside of our knee? Ever since I fell a couple weeks ago I seem to have more pain in that area and behind the knee as it bends. Any recommended stretches or exercises to help it? Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart Forum
  4. Grammy211

    TKR Laura's recovery journey begins

    Thank you! My OS told me that there's nothing I can do to harm the implant but my mind has a hard time believing that!! @sistersinhim I too have a big fear of falling and I think I was more scared than hurt!! I'll do as suggested and ice and elevate as much as possible today! Sent from my...
  5. Grammy211

    TKR Laura's recovery journey begins

    I took a pretty hard fall this morning in my house, falling on my baby knee. It doesn't hurt any more but am wondering if I did hurt it in anyway would I know right away? Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart Forum
  6. Grammy211

    TKR Laura's recovery journey begins

    Wow it's been too long since I've been able to look at this forum. Life threw some sad circumstances in our family which resulted in a trip out of state for a couple weeks. Anyway, we are home now and trying to get back to our normal lives as much as possible! We've had some mighty beautiful...
  7. Grammy211

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    @jaschembra I say it's the knee but in reality it's probably the muscles/soft tissues. My reasoning is that since my new knee has better flexion than the left knee, I'm probably making the left knee work more. It's hard to say since I never was very happy with the LTKR. Sent from my iPhone...
  8. Grammy211

    TKR Laura's recovery journey begins

    We've had some gloomy & rainy days here which will hang around a few more days. Doesn't make my baby knee happy but not as bothersome as in the past! I am hosting a big ladies conference Saturday which means a very busy week! I am trying to space things out as evenly as possible and delegating...
  9. Grammy211

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    @jaschembra I have found that my first replaced knee (left, 2013) hurts more than my new baby knee especially the past month or so! It seemed strange to me but then it just made me realize that I'm not thinking about my new knee as much and that's a great feeling! I often find myself rubbing my...
  10. Grammy211

    here I go again

    @froggymom are you saying that you're in a lot of pain on the knee that was replaced in 2015? Sent from my iPad using BoneSmart Forum
  11. Grammy211

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Ha, ha @sistersinhim! It would be fantabulous to shed pounds in our dreams!! Sent from my iPad using BoneSmart Forum
  12. Grammy211

    MUA My unresolved TKR issues!<

    So sorry to hear you're in such bad pain @Freesia. My nerve block wore off on day 2 post op and all I could do was cry because the pain was so bad. My doctor did increase the pain med dosage and added another which helped a lot. After a couple weeks I was only taking Tramadol with Tylenol which...
  13. Grammy211

    Bilateral TKR High Stepper's Recovery

    Thank you for the encouragement @High Stepper! Some days I feel like I've taken 3 steps forward then all of a sudden 5 steps backwards. I'm looking forward to the steady days ahead!! Sent from my iPhone using BoneSmart Forum
  14. Grammy211

    JennyLynne is back for more!

    I had Tramadol for the first time with my recent tkr. Right after surgery I would take 1 50mg tab at a time (every 6 hours) for about a month then less and less. I never felt loopy with it at all but it did help with the pain. I agree with the others that you shouldn't take it if driving though...
  15. Grammy211

    TKR New Year, New Knee - Jan. 3, 2017<

    Hi @jaschembra! Happy 11 weeks anniversary! Isn't it amazing how time flies? Glad you are doing better and finally feeling comfortable at night! I started sleeping in our bed again about a week ago but a few times have wound up on the couch during the middle of the night. Seems as though shortly...


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