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    Hip Infection Hip revision with "spacer" and pain

    Hi Greg I was interested in your post as your story is quite similar to mine. A week before my 60th birthday I had an accident in Peru and broke my left hip. (I had my 60 birthday celebrations in hospital in Lima.) Although I still wasn't walking normally, all seemed to be going well until 18...
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    THR The Borg Assimilation!

    Relax. Your doctors will have the latest in tricorder technology. And anyway - Resistance is Futile. Live Long and Prosper!
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    Hip Infection After eight years of a happy hip going through a nightmare

    Hi Tanya By now you will have made your difficult decision. Those kind of "if, but, maybe" decisions are the worst. Look at it that whatever you decided was the best decision at the time, based on the information you had. I certainly would not have advised you one way or the other on such an...
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    Hip Infection After eight years of a happy hip going through a nightmare

    Hi Tanya I noticed your thread because I also had a late-onset infection, and I am the same age as you. At that point our stories differ, as I seem to have fared better than most people, overall. I didn't have persistent drainage, and other than the pain I was expecting from major operations...
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    Hip Infection 2 stage revision, hip infection

    Please do as Krista suggests, and get your bannisters made safe. This is so important. If you don't know anyone who's good at this kind of thing, please engage a professional tradesman. Get him to make all your bannisters safe, indoor and outdoor, and fix some new ones on your blank area of...
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    Hip Infection 2 stage revision, hip infection

    Just call on Professor Glynis if you want any more ground-breaking ideas, such as wearing a skirt. My rates are very reasonable. What are you using for icing? I found wraparound bottle coolers to be very useful. You need the ones which fasten with Velcro, and open completely flat. They can be...
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    Hip Infection 2 stage revision, hip infection

    Well done. The sound effects sound a bit of a nuisance, but other than that you seem to be doing fine. Regarding your tight trousers... at the risk of being obvious, don't you have any skirts? I soon found out that loose skirts or dresses are more comfortable round the house. And they are...
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    Hip Infection 2 stage revision, hip infection

    How are things in Michigan?
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    Hip Infection 2 stage revision, hip infection

    "Going in feeling good, coming out feeling bad"? Not necessarily. Sure, there is some pain and discomfort after any surgery - that's to be expected. But you are on the right road now, and that's the most important thing. By the way, @Josephine - to clear up one of the mysteries mentioned in...
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    Hip Infection 2 stage revision, hip infection

    I was told it would be 6 - 8 weeks between the 2 ops, but it was only 6. I seem to remember it was even a day or two short of the full 6, but I'm not 100% about that. This was yet another example - of many! - of my not understanding quite what was going on. When it was first suggested that I...
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    Hip Infection 2 stage revision, hip infection

    Hi! All the best for your upcoming first op next week. I had a 2-stage revision with spacer around 3 years ago. No one wants to have an infection. No one wants to need 2 further surgeries, and all the recovery time those require. BUT, I can honestly say that for me the whole procedure was not...
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    Hip Infection My New Hip_2

    Hi Steve I went down the same path as you a couple of years ago. My experience of the aspiration "op" was that it was no big deal. However, judging by the number of scare stories people were keen to tell me beforehand, I believe it sometimes can be quite uncomfortable. On the negative side, I...
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    THR Revision antibiotics

    18 months after a hemi-arthroscopy - following an accident abroad - my medical team began to suspect I had an infection. This proved very difficult to identify. Endless blood tests, attempts to grow cultures, an aspiration, and - very expensive - nuclear medicine, all came back inconclusive...
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    Very scared Newbie, lots of concerns.

    Just sticking my ten penn'orth in here, Kay9, to say that it will probably be best if you just go with the flow from hereon in. As others have said, your surgeon and anaesthetist have vast amounts of experience, and will want the best for you. They won't be entirely altruistic in this: they will...
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    THR Six weeks since surgery and still can't do a straight leg lift.

    Hi EditorER The concept of the straight leg lift has something of a special poignancy for me. I had my surgery in Lima, Peru, after an accident, and my surgeon told me that I could not leave hospital until I could do it. As I don't speak Spanish the language barrier was a problem, and I wasn't...

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