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    THR THR/A Doing Well

    Well, another six months plus have buzzed by in the midst of COVID and life. Even fully vaxxed, we decided to travel only by car for awhile - so, have been to south Florida a couple of times to visit with fully vaxxed friends, and spend a month in Colorado visiting fully vaxxed friends and a...
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement FLforumuser's Recovery Thread

    The Patient is doing GREAT! Helping sort for tax day - one armed, but doing very well, indeed. Sleeping well, 3-4 Tylenol a day - lots of icing - excellent walkabouts and the basic pendulum exercises. We may venture out for a light shopping trip this afternoon!
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement FLforumuser's Recovery Thread

    The PICO device shut down at operation plus seven days and three hours - cut the connector with a pair of scissors. A bit quieter, now. Bandage still sealed well to skin with no seepage or leakage.
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement FLforumuser's Recovery Thread

    Staff at surgeon office confirmed the instructions were confused - one set said to remove the bandage and replace when the PICO device stopped. The other set of instructions said to simply cut the connector to the PICO. Confirmed correct instruction from surgeon is to wait for device to shut...
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement FLforumuser's Recovery Thread

    DN Hubbie here. Patient doing very well! Pain has become very manageable with about 1500 mg of Tylenol a day. Continuing to ice with machine 4-5 times per day. Shoulder ”hanging” and assisted exercise movements three times per day ... no major discomfort. Walkabouts continue with about half...
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement Looking forward to TSR!

    Quick status - back at house. No appetite. Sat up for awhile while cooling machine ran. Bathroom, out of the compression stockings for the night. Pillows tucked around her to stabilize position in bed - restless, so we moved her to the recliner. Running cooling machine for another 30...
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement Looking forward to TSR!

    She’s out of the OR, in recovery. Outpatient. The metrics from the CT showed she was borderline for anatomical TSR, and once the team got into the shoulder the doc said he just didn’t feel it was the right thing to do, so reverse it is. He said rotator cuff in great shape. No other issues...
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    Reverse Shoulder Replacement Looking forward to TSR!

    FLforumuser is my lovely wife - I'll take great care of her!!
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    THR Swelling/inflammation

    Ice and frozen gel packs aren’t available in UK hospitals? Make it first thing you do at home! Ice and elevate. Walk. Ice and elevate. Walk. Repeat.
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    THR Psoas tendonitis post-THR

    I found Tylenol to be my best friend! Once home I sed the full 4000 mg per day - eady to wean from, and you can tailor times easily ...
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    THR Recovering

    Congrats - and, on rising Ice and elevate! Skip the PT! Walk!
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    THR Worried about Limp PostOp

    My first was at 45 - and it was wonderful to be fully mobile, again ... but ... Your new hip is not as strong, or resilient as your organic hip - there are things you cannot do as well, or for as long. Your strength will increase over the next 6-12 months. You should work on your gait - have...
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    THR Leg length discrepancy

    Limpme, I can only offer the "if it was/were me" thing :-) If it was/were me, I would not use any spacers for six months - the reason being is a LOT of us were likely convinced our new hip was causing one leg to be longer than the other :) I would walk and walk and walk and walk ... and wait...
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    THR New member - My first post...!!

    Nuxy, My first was at 45 - and, while I returned to a very active life (I played racketball, lifted leg weights, etc), I would never consider the sorts of exercises you describe. - the rewards, IMO, don‘t offset the risks to your hip replacement, and future quality of life. I know you feel...
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    THR March 28th Surgery - Now playing Racquetball!

    craigt, I am a former r ball player - loved it. R ball does gave a bit of a rep for back injuries - pretty obvious relating to movement, acceleration, lunging, etc. I was one of these. This is just my opinion - I would not play r ball aggressively following THR - maybe for fun, but not 100%...


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