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Recent content by Bigs

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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    Earlier some kind soul suggested a particular pain I was feeling could be "zingers". I'm very familiar with zingers since the Cipro thing, get them in my fingers quite often but happily less over time. I did get them in my toes too, but only for a week or so, last year.
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    Try telling the guys in the Facebook group that... I left that group as it was too depressing.
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    Well last year I was prescribed an antibiotic, ciprofloxacin, and having taken a single tablet I read up on it - and was horrified! Long-term tendon damage, including people suffering snapped Achilles tendons, and... drum roll.. cartilage damage. And yes, from a single dose. At one point BOTH...
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    One place said "once you've scabbed over you can swim" so a bit confusing really. I think the lower scabs are only there because, being the cautious type, I sprayed it with Onsite spray-on skin covering. New Question: am I the only one with a crunchy foot? I find as I walk I can hear and...
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    So I took a photo of Nefty and sent it to my surgeon on Whatsapp, he says it should be no problem with swimming :eyebrows: (apart from how weak and skinny it is...)
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    Aaaaand reduced meds is still a bad idea; lack of sleep from waking up in pain is not much fun at all. I've had funner. So reluctantly resuming, for a while anyway. Went for a walk yesterday in the more hilly parts of the local park, still fairly light stuff but my most demanding walk since...
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    PKR TTBONE post op

    Yay! You're over the hump! It just gets better and better from here. Some lows and setbacks perhaps, but you're now getting better, instead of getting worse :)
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    TKR I year anniversary

    My kinda guy! *bro-fist But seriously, that sounds a tad dangerous. If we have a few more volunteers to go ahead of me, I'll give it a try :heehee:
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    Well got to admit, the physio session went much better than I expected. This time she took me to a different room with some proper equipment, where we did leg presses and leg extensions, even some 'slide down the wall' squats. Managed to give the leg a great workout, all trembly and tired...
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    Going for physio again today... I've already paid for it, so might as well go along. I'm not sure why I'm bothering though, as last time I was set back by pain from the measurement and I'm really not sure they're going to offer me anything I can't get from here or the local chemist? Maybe...
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    Sure, normally I'd go moderate protein, high fat, but for now I have plenty of fat on my belly and so I'm targeting protein (to ensure I get enough). So today had another go with the bike, with the saddle an inch higher. Was still a little clonky, and some really quite nasty pains popped up...
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    TKR Uncontrollable pain

    @Nightingale How are things now?
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    TKR LTKR - My First Ever!

    OK, I'll try again next time the weather is nice (monsoon season here now). It's weird, I raised the seat a bit, to the point I can barely touch the ground, yet looking at the vid it's clear my legs are nowhere near straight on the power-stroke. Like the geometry of the bike is wrong, yet this...

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