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    Revision TKR WOW... Cost of my revision

    Celle-- I fixed it.. I must have been spacing when I did my signature update!!! Which reminds me.. You got a Stryker Triathlon knee, and that's the one they are putting in me this time. Is the recovery any different?? I have only had the single stem, and the multiple "wings" make me wonder...
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    Revision TKR WOW... Cost of my revision

    I got an email today from the hospital where I will be having my revision on June 17. "The estimate of your bill for your upcoming surgery is available on your portal." Ok, so I go look... I already know I owe $0, because the military is covering the cost due to it being service connected...
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    Revision TKR Second revision?

    I will be having the 2nd revision of my TKR on June 15, 2020. I had my original TKR done 5/18, then TOTAL revision 6/19, now another TOTAL revision 6/20. Same problem both revisions. I have had a problem with loosening of the tibial component on the medial (inside) part of my knee. The same...
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    2020 June Sunbeams - Are you having knee surgery in June?

    Sigh... Revision x2 June 17... Now with a Stryker knee replacement...
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    The docs can't figure it out. It's the same section as before. The top of the tibia on the medial side.
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    Yes and no. Orthopedics couldn't see me in the beginning, so this is being done thru community care at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. And before you ask, no, the VA will not allow a 2nd opinion...
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    @Josephine or anyone out there with a clue... Guess what?? My tibial implant is loose again!! I'm meeting with my surgeon to get the info about this new implant they want to put in, but does anyone know what they use or have any info on the possible new part?? My curiosity is getting the...
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    Revision with loose cement (at age 42)

    I can chime in here. My loosening resulted from a bone tumor. I had my total knee on 4/30/2018, and my revision on 6/19/2019... So just over a year from original replacement to revision. Surgeon said when he opened my knee, they found a bone tumor where my implant was loose. I'm hoping...
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    Revision TKR Knee revision right knee

    I am just over 8 weeks out from revision of my right knee. I didn't think recovery was that bad this time, and I spent a LOT of time with it elevated with ice. Didn't take too long for most of the swelling to go down doing it this way!!! I followed the Bonesmart way of recovery-- I DID go to...
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    I’m 38 and worried I need tkr

    I was told at 35 that I would need TKR, but that I needed to wait until I was 50, because they only wanted to do it ONCE-- that was 26 years ago!!! I could understand it then, but not now!!! There has been so much improvement in both the technology and the surgery itself that new knees are...
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    I wasn't planning on it, let me tell you!! I did it without thinking, and then realized it didn't hurt, and I could get up easy, too!!!
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    I SWEAR it was due to recovering the "Bonesmart" way!!! After 2 visits with my therapist, I decided that I knew what was better for me than she did!! I was 3 days out after surgery and this lady wanted me to already be able to ride a bike so I told them I wasn't coming back and did the...
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    Current update: I had NO problems with my flight-- even with no special seating, I did my exercises in my chair, and walked a couple times to the bathroom and back, and all good!! I got back and wanted to go to a concert that was held at a stadium. I took NO walking aids-no cane, no walker-...
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    What's the standard for airplane flights after TKR/Revision?? I live in Nashville, but want to fly to Los Angeles on July 25. My revision was June 19... any thoughts??? I emailed my OS, so I will see what he says, just interested in seeing if there are any suggestions for the flight to make...
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    Revision TKR ArmyVet's recovery thread<<

    Checking in again.. My scar is healing nicely after the revision, but I have a couple questions. Do they stretch your ligaments when they do a replacement? The sides of my knee where my ligaments are located are very sore and tender to the touch, and that is the only location where I have...

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