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    TKR What's happened to my knee?

    Thank you so much for you reply. I am now at 10 weeks. Planning on returning to work in 2 weeks. Things have improved quite a bit. The clicking/pinging sensation is still there at times but is starting to get easier, especially when climbing the stairs. ROM is very good, despite the stiffness...
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    TKR What's happened to my knee?

    Thank you. I hope you're going on ok. I saw my surgeon. He was annoyed that the physio even suggested a Baker's cyst. He said that it's just everything healing and still needs to settle. He put my mind at rest but the problem still persists and I am struggling with terrible cramp and spasms...
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    TKR What's happened to my knee?

    Thank you for your reply..I had my tkr on 10th February. I was aware that this is a long process but as I said I was doing so well. I have been walking up the street since about week three or four. First with crutches and switched to just a stick at week 5. The 'bumping' sensation and clicking...
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    TKR What's happened to my knee?

    Thank you for your reply. I just thought I'd nailed it and turned a corner. It now seems to have come back to bite me. Thank you for your encouragement. I will carry on with my home physio, icing and resting.
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    TKR What's happened to my knee?

    Hi, I'm new here, so please bear with me. I am 7 weeks post op for RTKR. All was going really well. Due to pandemic all my physio has been done at home alone, and I finally had a face to face appointment with the physiotherapist last week. He was really pleased with my progress especially with...


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