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    TKR 2 months post op

    Halo,i just wanted to share the image of my right knee TKR operated in April 5.post op i had a PT who advised to use vascelin to evenout the scar as the skin was ragged,sutured by stapler.to my surprise the scar turned black pigmented.when i had my left knee in September 17 th I had the surgery...
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    TKR 2 months post op

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    TKR 2 months post op

    I had my first TKR Right leg knee on April 5th followed by left knee on September 17th. In a gap of 5 months. Now because of the pain in left knee unconsciously i load my right knee which is yet recover its strength fully. So the right knee also starts aching. To avoid this my ortho surgeon...
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    TKR 2 months post op

    Thanks Jaycey, that sounds perfect and logic. The title is fine. You are doing a great job. I am getting every doubt cleared as I go through the posts. So I am not alone in this journey though I joined late.
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    TKR 2 months post op

    The TKR was done in left knee on September 17th. Now it's 2months postop. The pain is on the sides of the knee with swelling, so I use a diclofenac patch.
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    TKR 2 months post op

    Other than static quadriceps alone,if i try to do hamstrings, straight leg raises also i get pain which lasts for whole day,and restricted to bed.i don't know whythe pain is there even after 2mths with swelling,the pain is more on latral side of knee,i am supposed to get back to work in 2weeks,i...
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    TKR 2 months post op

    What is best, to ice or hotcompress 8weeks post tkr

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