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  1. Racewalker45

    Second Kneecap replaced - Matching set complete

    Three weeks out: My knee rehab continues to be slow to allow my back to recover from this latest flare. I did see a physiatrist last week who showed me my most recent MRI showing 2 bulging discs in my lumbar spine. They are not herniated per se, and I would like them to stay that way as long...
  2. Racewalker45

    TKR Its been worse than childbirth! Did I make the right decision?

    There is no way for me as a lay person (who just happens to be a healthcare professional), to determine the best implant for my particular situation, so I trusted my surgeon to make that choice. For my first knee surgery, he used Zimmer implants. I don't know what he used for my most recent...
  3. Racewalker45

    Second Kneecap replaced - Matching set complete

    Thank you both! I am hoping the back does not decide to misbehave any more than it has already. The pain for me was worse than my knee pain before surgery.........
  4. Racewalker45

    Second Kneecap replaced - Matching set complete

    Week 2 post op: I had a bit of setback in PT this week. I have received some treatment for recurring back issues, specifically facet joint syndrome and a herniated disc in my lumbar spine. I had a flare earlier this year that rendered me unable to stand up straight. I was literally crawling...
  5. Racewalker45

    Knee Scars - Post Your Badges of Honor Here! NO CHIT-CHAT please

    My knee at 1 day and 5 days post op Day 1 Day 5
  6. Racewalker45

    Second Kneecap replaced - Matching set complete

    Hi skigirl, yes, I am in my recliner with pillows and ice when I am not in the CPM machine or in PT.
  7. Racewalker45

    Second Kneecap replaced - Matching set complete

    Hello everyone, I had a patellofemoral arthroplasty on October 13th, so I thought I would start my recovery thread now that I am lucid enough to form a coherent thought. My left kneecap was replaced back in March 2013 and I had a surprisingly smooth recovery. Looking back, I guess it makes...
  8. Racewalker45

    Time for a matching set (of knees)!

    Thank you all! I had surgery today at 7:30 AM and am home resting. I was able to have a right patellofemoral arthroplasty (not a TKR as I had originally suspected), and did well enough to go home the same day. Starting a thread in the Post op area.......
  9. Racewalker45

    Time for a matching set (of knees)!

    I had my pre-op appointment this week and found out that I will be having general as opposed to spinal anesthesia. I have had facet joint and epidural injections in my lumbar spine this summer which is the reason why. I don't mind, but I suspect that I will probably stay the night at least. I...
  10. Racewalker45

    2014 October Feisties - Are you having knee surgery in October?

    I am having either TKR or patellofemoral arthroplasty on October 13th, 2014
  11. Racewalker45

    Time for a matching set (of knees)!

    Thank you all! The recovery from my first surgery has exceeded my expectations. Don't get me wrong, I get some soreness as I increase my exercise and sometimes over do it, but this site has helped me to be realistic about exercise and the time it take to heal. Gosh, my left knee is only 4...
  12. Racewalker45

    Time for a matching set (of knees)!

    Hello everyone, I had a left patellar femoral arthroplasty back in March 2014 and wanted to take a break for the summer before getting the next knee done. My first knee is doing well so far, and I am back to the gym. Now it's time to plan for the right knee, which is actually worse than than...
  13. Racewalker45

    PKR The real work begins...My recovery

    Hi Christie, I will take advantage of the wheelchair service, especially since I still have a bum knee. As for pain and walking, I had my last PT session before my first post-op appointment with my OS. I have very little pain and my ROM is 130. I still ice and elevate daily, especially after...
  14. Racewalker45

    How long did you ice?

    I bought an Polar Ice cube by Bregg. It was certainly worth the money. I also have large ice packs to use instantly. You might find out if your insurance covers an ice machine. The hospital should be able to help you with that by confirming with your insurance. My PT swears by them and uses...

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