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    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    @Steelergal I am fabulous....other than socially isolated like the rest of those who are prudent in the world....I have lauded pickleball once since March. I still have a job although at 4 days a week. Unless you are “direct bedside care” in this pandemic Mr. Knee is a forgotten entity. Just...
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    TKR After 1 year, advice?

    Corpse pose is really easy on a massage table...... :wink:
  3. Poctdb

    TKR Just need to Vent

    @Starsfan22 I am in Texas (San Antonio) and when I do my RTKR, I wouldn’t consider outpatient. My guess is that the option would not be offered. For COVID, hospitals are taking great care to separate the elective surgery patients from any others, for numerous reasons. I personally want ALL...
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    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    @Steelergal Have you tried any acupuncture? You might eant to chat with a practitioner to see if the think they can help. Just an idea....
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    TKR After 1 year, advice?

    With both Pilates and yoga there are adaptations. A reformer can be as high as a massage table and blocks and other adaptations can be used in yoga. She just may need to chat with an instructor to see how to minimize the floor work. I do my Pilates on my massage table.
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    TKR POCTDB recovery thread

    To all, One year OS check up. All is well, no drugs, residual tightness occasionally, but for the most part I forget all about Mr. Knee. Second one is scheduled for November 16.
  7. Poctdb

    TKR Walking, skiing, bicycling

    @DIYSteve Just go on with your bad self.....how awesome!
  8. Poctdb

    TKR Swelling after 5 months...

    @Flpickleballer Are you still in PT? I asked my PT to design a program for “after TKR knee play pickleball like a madwoman” readiness. I was in PT 6 months which the OS expected. My chain was broken....knee is fine, but I had compensated for it with my back....now strengthen back...back is...
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    TKR Swelling after 5 months...

    @Flpickleballer Greetings fellow pickler..... I had a TKR in June 2019. I also had a three month goal. While I made the 3 month goal, (OS said it was “my call”) it was tentative and game limited for the first month. My issue was the lateral movement and the lack of a trust factor in the knee...
  10. Poctdb

    TKR POCTDB recovery thread

    New Years Day Report from Dallas. Steps...not as many as projected about 7K. Partially the fault of 85K people you had to walk around........ BUT...steps in the stadium...almost 80 up and down. 2 elevators for 85K people. Stadium was built in the 1920’s. The steps were taken slow, down much...
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    TKR POCTDB recovery thread

    @luvcats “Picklers” are planning to take over the world.....!!!!! (Evil laugh) My suggestion is if pickleball coincides with your rec center visits....go watch for a bit. If you do, let me know what you think.
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    TKR luvcats recovery box

    Awesome reports @luvcats My best to July and September. PT can help with the gentle core strengthening. Ywill probably meet “My Little Friend”(sarcastically written) the rubber ball to squeeze between July and September.
  13. Poctdb

    TKR FitGal’s Recovery

    @FitGal Good to know you found an AWESOME PT....my numbers also went up and down....they were always better after massage. Hmm....maybe Ms. Puff is not to blame after all. From experience, muscles can be trained....but it takes a while. (Like you do not know this already...:eyebrows:) Your...
  14. Poctdb

    MUA Steelergal's Recovery Thread

    .I seem to remember you had an MUA.....I think that sets the clock to zero as far as your recovery time. I have read this in other posts. So aren’t you really about 3 months from where you had “surgery?” At almost 5 months with great numbers, I went back to PT to fix the items that were...
  15. Poctdb

    TKR POCTDB recovery thread

    Vegas report.... Steps...12-13K a day. No meds. Mr. Right even behaved. Gambling..... No money that was not already mine came back to Texas and I left some there. Hockey in Dallas on the Texas State Fair Fairgrounds in the Cotton Bowl New Years Day.... I am ready....probably 20K steps......


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