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  1. Justine-S

    TKR Range of Motion decreasing<

    well, five days off physio and exercises and a complete turn around. After three days I went for a gentle swim. I find it really hard to just do nothing. After I came out of the water I felt a kind of release inside the knee and now the ROM is much greater. I think I'm still behind what it's...
  2. Justine-S

    TKR Range of Motion decreasing<

    Thanks for all your answers and encouragement. Ok, so I was doing the elevating wrong - not high enough. I do not understand the use of pain medication though. Yes, my knee is stiff in that I cannot bend it properly but it is not at all painful. When I say high pain tolerance I don't mean I'm...
  3. Justine-S

    TKR Range of Motion decreasing<

    Thanks. Here are my answers. 1. Pain = none, 1. Stiffness = 5. 2. On discharge (23/12/18) I was prescribed 600mg Nurofen (every 8 hours if needed), 1g Paracetamol (every 8 hours if needed) and Tramadol in the event of extreme pain. I have a very high pain threshold and have not taken any pain...
  4. Justine-S

    TKR Range of Motion decreasing<

    Yes, @Josephine , questions are fine! My date was 18 December 2018 and it’s left knee. Thx!
  5. Justine-S

    TKR Range of Motion decreasing<

    Thanks for your replies. Maybe I was not very clear about my ROM. It was 102 on the machine but obviously that is being forced. The surgeon reckoned it was 50 when I saw him last Thursday although the physio seemed to think it was more. My knee is not very swollen and it doesn't swell more...
  6. Justine-S

    TKR Range of Motion decreasing<

    Hi, I am at 7 weeks TKR left knee. Everything went really well, I had virtually no pain and was off all meds 2 days after discharge from hospital. Because it was over the Christmas and New Year period they made me take a passive motion machine home and use it for 4 hours a day. I got up to 102º...

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