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    THR 10 years post op: worried about pain

    Well as for questions, I assume the surgeon will tell you immediately whether they think your device has come loose. In the event that the surgeon finds the device is still solidly in place, then you want to think hard ahead of time to identify your recent shift in activity and really think...
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    THR Depression, Anxiety, Regret, Scared and Worried!

    Wow, so sorry to hear of your worry and pain and agony and about all those dislocations. I can be slow, but let me make sure I got you right. Usually here when people say "dislocation" on this board they mean dislocation of the artificial hip device, usually shortly after surgery. On your...
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    Hip but no plan for replacement

    Yeah, this sounds like really advanced hip arthritis ... I mean, pain varies. But there is no stretching, loosening or any of that that will reduce pain when you've got advanced arthritis. Those kinds of things can--not guaranteed--help when you're in early-stage arthritis. Since you seem...
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    THR Finally! Surgery is on again!

    Sounds great.
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    THR Great hip surgery but...

    I was also going to recommend visiting a physical therapy who does pelvic floor exercises. My PT had a lot of patients who came in with pelvic pain issues, and when I asked if men could benefit from the therapy, she said absolutely yes. I think she was more focused on improving incontinence, but...
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    THR Autism and THR

    Yeah, it's best to share all information about our conditions before a surgery. Of course, doing so can feel awkward and vulnerable. I don't have autism, but I have had depression, and I didn't need to formally disclose this because I take depression meds and that info is clear. Afterwards, I...
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    THR Recovery questions day 4

    That pain is the signal that you overdid it. You can't really speed up the recovery through activity. I mean you want movement for sure, but lots of movement does not = fast recovery. Doesn't speed up the healing of all that soft tissue that was pushed, pulled, twisted, cut and all that during...
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    THR THR Questions

    Definitely have some ice packs ready ... I purchased an ice machine (connected to a pad) ... partly because I tend to go overboard ... but ice packs in plastic bags can work ... just insert a piece of cloth or something between the ice and your skin. BTW: it's typical to suddenly become...
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    THR Left THR- Yesterday!!

    Hey, asking for the teddy bear is exactly the attitude you want to have as you attend to yourself and take care of yourself in recovery. Whatever you need--whether calls from friends, followup questions with the surgeon's staff, followup visits or corny movies or favorite music, favorite...
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    THR THR Questions

    Just going to back to an earlier point, yes they will get you up to walk after surgery but with a walker. And you'll be moving slowly with a nurse or aide standing next to you. At some point the physical therapy will arrive and lead you through walking and going up and down stairs safely--again...
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    THR Sunshine68's Pre-Op thread

    Uh ... let's see how to say this ... uh ... don't count on being up and high functioning at three weeks. I don't know why surgeons make statements like that. Your surgeon is an outlier to have a recovery that fast. There is a nationally famous anterior-approach surgeon in my area ... and he...
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    THR My Surgery

    Read the links that Jaycey left and look through old forums. Ask all the questions you want to ask. We love it (only if you feel comfortable, of course) if you shared a bit about yourself and your history with hip issues. This info can help us connect with you and encourage you. And yes, tell...
  13. Going4fun

    Can a damaged hip cause back spasms?

    A weak/bad hip throws all kind of things out of whack. I suffered excruciating knee pain at one point--only to learn that my weak and deteriorating hip was the cause. I went to a top knee specialist who looked at my x-rays and an mri and said absolutely nothing was wrong with my knees. Without...
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    THR Anterior THR

    Wow, someone is in great shape and it sounds like you're having a smooth recovery. So wonderful to hear. There are highly skilled anterior-approach surgeons and mediocre anterior-approach surgeons. Each approach has its own challenges, nerves to avoid damaging and so on. In the past ten years...
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    THR Severe pain bearing weight after thr in 2018

    So sorry to hear of this sudden pain. Definitely call your surgeon asap ... and ask for an immediate appointment. The surgeon will likely want to X-ray your hip to see if any problem with the device has emerged. Definitely tell the surgeon's staff that there has been a sudden change and for...


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