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  1. Going4fun

    [THR] My recovery

    @longtimechemist, that's great news. And just a note: one day ... or multiple days ... you may push yourself harder and farther than your body is ready for ... and yes you're likely to have some soreness or pain then ... No biggie ... just slow down the next few days and you're good to go. You...
  2. Going4fun

    [THR] Hello everyone

    Welcome. Like you, the diagnosis hit me by surprise. Now I hope I don't annoy you by presenting some good news here about running again. More and more hip surgeons are fine with their patients running after surgery. I had no activity restrictions after surgery. Not every surgeon has this view...
  3. Going4fun

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj, congrats on reaching your four-month mark. Obviously I can't promise you anything ... but ... I swear ... my startup stiffness ... just disappeared at about 6 to 7 months in ... and I don't think it was PT, which I started around then. The stiffness when rising from a chair was...
  4. Going4fun

    [THR] New Right Hip for Christmas

    Welcome. You have found the right place for getting informed and getting lots of hugs and support. Can I clarify that it's your right HIP that's coming up for surgery in 26 days? (You wrote RTKR ... I imagine you meant Right THR.) Great to hear that you have little anxiety because the left...
  5. Going4fun

    [THR] Schd for Hip replace in Jan 2020

    Well congrats to both of you ... The time between now and January will fly. There's a great world ahead of you. This is a great community and a great resource.
  6. Going4fun

    [THR] Anxiety regarding upcoming LTHR

    Does your surgeon have a good nurse that they work with? Have you had conversations with the surgeon or the nurse or PA about your nerves? That's a totally legitimate conversation to call up your surgeon's office about. You can let them reassure you. It's not uncommon for people to get...
  7. Going4fun

    [THR] Skiing after THR

    Definitely discuss this with your surgeon. Surgeons actually appreciate learning about our goals ... Sharing your goals after surgery establishes your individuality with the surgeon. And you get real feedback. Most surgeons these days are forbidding less and less. I sense surgeons think that...
  8. Going4fun

    [THR] Ready Surgery

    Never heard of this. And there is lot of stuff mentioned on this board ... nope, never heard of it. Good idea to check with surgeon. I got a call from my insurance company ... which had a nurse who was assigned to check on me ... don't remember them checking on me any other time, for any other...
  9. Going4fun

    [THR] November countdown

    @Noel310, Funny, that reason (for cancellation or postponement) is way too simple ... don't we want a story with a lot more drama than "doctor was sick"? Just kidding, of course! Congrats on the new date.
  10. Going4fun

    [THR] November countdown

    @Noel310, bummer to hear that the surgery was canceled. Hopefully you'll soon get a new date and hopefully that new date won't be too far down the road. I don't know if this is relevant to you, but when I hear of last-minute cancellations like this, I think ... well we don't want the surgeon...
  11. Going4fun

    [THR] Here We Go Again!

    @Barbaraj, I'm sure your pt will give you some good suggestions for a home program. You know, I think one issue I've had recently is that I wasn't doing my home program ... I was just exercising ... I think some muscles started to get weak again. Today I did some of my PT exercises and really...
  12. Going4fun

    CD after partial collapse?

    Go consult with a few more surgeons in your area. You really want to get a different opinion before going forward with a surgery with a 20 percent estimated chance of success. You don't need to hold off on a hip replacement because of your age. Surgeons are far more confident these days...
  13. Going4fun

    Groin pain & hip wear

    Often hip arthritis pain presents as pain in the groin area. When I first got these symptoms, I started stretching more, trying to stretch that groin area. Took me a bit to figure out that it was hip related. Yes, it's worth getting this checked on.
  14. Going4fun

    [THR] Going4fun new hip adventure

    Thanks @Barbaraj, I really am trying to be curious about this new issue ... haven't felt it much this week. Of course, now that my surgeon has ruled out a device problem, my anxiety level has gone way down ... and my system is giving itself permission not to worry .... One early hypothesis ...
  15. Going4fun

    [THR] Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    @Mutwa you sound great. My surgeon uses the anterolateral approach ... not sure how that is different from the lateral" ... and yes, he places no restrictions ... Question: you said because of the doctor's approach, you automatically have tendinitis. Say more about that if you will. I didn't...

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