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  1. EllieRose

    THR On Recovery Road

    I’m doing well overall. Slow but steady progress. At the 6-week mark, the surgeon discontinued PT and told me to use recumbent bike daily, slow and gradual build-up of time, no resistance. That was going fine until yesterday. Now my hip flexor (maybe? Sharp pain in groin area with certain...
  2. EllieRose

    THR Gimpy Gal post op!

    Well, once again, I’m right there with you! Not as patient with this healing as I was with knees. So either what you’re experiencing is normal, or we’re both abnormal! . One day, we will look back on this and wonder why we thought it was so difficult...,I hope. Hang in there!!!
  3. EllieRose

    TKR 2 weeks post. Can't raise leg

    Hi, I had one knee replaced in June 2019 and the other in November. Both times I was prescribed blood thinner for 2 weeks. Now, with hip replacement, it’s 6 weeks. Also, the clicking/popping is normal. Mine still do that sometimes, though way less frequently. Best wishes for a speedy recovery...
  4. EllieRose

    THR On Recovery Road

    Just this week, I am finally believing that my log leg won’t last forever. Though I still can’t do seated “marches” at all, I can move my leg in ways I couldn’t before. Sleeping in a bed is still uncomfortable on either side. Since I am part time and my job is not very physically active, I am...
  5. EllieRose

    THR Gimpy Gal post op!

    @GimpyGal, I too had my THR on Aug 31(and both knees replaced last year). I have good and bad days, but definitely can see improvement if I look at it week to week rather than day to day. I had read about how hips are so much easier than knees, which I disagree with. I still have log leg...
  6. EllieRose

    THR On Recovery Road

    Interesting. I definitely have log leg so far.
  7. EllieRose

    THR On Recovery Road

    Thank you! I definitely won’t worry about the straight leg lift! And I had an error in my post - right knee June 2019, left knee November 2019, left hip August 31, 2020.
  8. EllieRose

    THR On Recovery Road

    I had my left knee replaced in June of 2019 and the right knee in November of 2019. I wasn’t planning on having hip replacement until possibly next summer but the hip had other ideas. A recent flare-up had me stuck out of town and my sweet husband borrowed a pickup truck and brought the recliner...
  9. EllieRose

    Welcome to the June Sunbeams' 2019 Knee Recovery Club

    Would like to join. My TKR was June 6.


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