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    Bilateral TKR Tim's Recovery Thread

    Had my BTKR on March 11, 2019. I was on a cane for 4 months, never thought they were going to be "normal". One day my right one would act up and the next day my left one would. I walk construction sites for a living and am blessed to be "essential" during this time. Just in the past few weeks I...
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    Bilateral TKR Kinda Nervous, Maybe Scared

    March 11th will be my one year anniversary for BTKR. There is NO way to sugar coat it, it was the most trying time of my life, 57 years old. The pain is real, the need for people to help you with the simple things in life is real, and the emotional and physical strain on your loved ones is real...
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    Thanks be to God, for my surgeon and his team, the PTs, my loving wife, I took a shower standing up for the first time in 5 months, my next goal is an Astros game in 3 weeks and then then the Texans, we have season tickets with a big group and they are all cheering for for me but y'all have...
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    TKR 8 months post TKR...looking back

    Thank you for the encouragement, I'm 4 months since a bi-lateral total knee replacement and needed to hear that yes, this will all be worth it soon.
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    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    Wow, to be doing what you're doing at 2 weeks is amazing! I'm 3 months out and still using a cane in public and after sitting for a while. Glad to hear of your success.
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    Bilateral PKR PekerSmart's Recovery Thread

    Yes, I definitely agree with the comments, I'm at 12 weeks now BTKR and at 5 weeks I was told the same that you are hearing, no issues today with ROM, my knees are laying flat, give it time, you'll be fine. We understand that it is difficult and frustrating but it will come. Best of luck to you.
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    I just walked from the recliner to the kitchen and back without the cane! Sat down and sobbed like a grown man who hasn't been able to walk on his own in 12 weeks! I am so Unbelievably blessed. My wife asked why I was crying, I know that y'all understand why.
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    Bilateral TKR BTKR 28th May 2019 - post op journal

    Sorry to hear about your problems, you know that us here can definitely understand what you're going through and mean well when we say stick with it, your situation will improve. Best of luck from Texas!
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    Yes, Celle, I have realized that half-days, with therapy twice a week is about I can handle. Twelve weeks out and still on the cane, OS is pleased with everything and the boss is letting me dictate my hours, answering a lot of questions for clients on my phone while in the recliner. My OS asked...
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    Now 8 weeks into this, graduated to a cane yesterday. Out patient therapy going well. My right knee is still the problem child, gets really stiff if sitting in one place very long, and these days there are long periods of sitting in the recliner. Still only getting a couple hours of sleep in the...
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    6 week check up today, 121/3 in left knee, 110/5 in right, when I left the hospital 4 weeks ago neither knee was over 90. Time is your friend! Richard, when I say burning, no cramps, just a hot, swollen sensation. Still can't sleep in the bed for more than 3-4 hours, but that issue will also...
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    Thank you Miss Viv for that encouragement. That means a lot! I am definitely taking it one day at a time.
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    Thank you all for the words of encouragement. Been trying to sleep in the bed on my side with a pillow between them and after about 20 minutes they are screaming so it's back to the recliner. My left knee is actually cooperating but the right one is fighting every step of the way. Got out...
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    Sure, ask away.
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    Bilateral TKR 5 weeks post op

    Bilateral TKR March 11, 2019. Stayed in hospital 3 days then 14 days in rehab in same hospital. Never would have been able to function at home even with the help of my amazing wife. Still using a walker to get around, even in the house. ROM 110 in left and 103 in right but buckling in right -...


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