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  1. deedee65

    TKR Strange New World

  2. deedee65

    TKR Deedee65's Recovery Thread

    Hello all, I am 11 weeks post op. It feels like “forever”. The last couple of days have been really rough because the left surgical leg is really stiff, sciatica has kicked in to that hip and my back hurts. I appreciate this forum. I need something else to do rather than have my aches and...
  3. deedee65

    TKR TS’s lopsided recovery'

    I am more of a lurker than a poster. I follow your thread and benefit greatly from your experiences and ability to reach out to a community that cares deeply. Daily...I wonder “if” I made the right decision to have the TKR. Then...I come to the realization that that ship “sailed”. I spend my...
  4. deedee65

    TKR Coming along<<

    What a journey! So pleased to read that you are on the upside of this! I (like you) exercise on my home recumbent bike (on 0) for 30 minutes every day that I don’t go to PT. Early on, I took the advice from the “wise” ones on this site. I never let the pushy PT’s dictate or push me beyond my...
  5. deedee65

    TKR Coming along<<

    I am so grateful for this site. My knee replacement was November 26th and I totally “get” the range of angst and the roller coaster of emotions described in this post. I “so” want to feel energetic and joyful again. Both my knees had osteoporosis but I could walk miles...my challenge came with...
  6. deedee65

    TKR Mom2Lucy's Recovery Thread

    I really “understand” and can identify with sleepless nights. In fact, I get a bit sad when bedtime nears. I am grateful for this forum..because many have shared the challenge of an “inability to get comfortable” and sleep through the night. I try to accept that - this too shall pass. Tomorrow...
  7. deedee65

    TKR Time for #2

    Wow! I am amazed at your progress! I love this forum and read it several times - day and night. It’s been a life saver for me. I had my left knee replacement on Monday, November 26th and am just starting to feel “human” again! This forum has helped this highly introverted person feel not so...
  8. deedee65

    TKR kathyjo007's recovery thread<

    This is so helpful! I had a LTKR on Monday, November 26, 2018.
  9. deedee65

    Welcome to the November Nimbles' 2018 Knee Recovery Club

    I had a LTKneeR on Monday - November 26, 2018.


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