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    TKR Two Stage Revision Surgery Scheduled

    @BillinPA I am having similar recovery issues. If I sit too long, it worsens to the point where it becomes difficult to stand. I had decreased the number of times I elevate and ice, but I am going to have to bump up those tried and true interventions. I also have been going to a good massage...
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    TKR Sleep Deprivation

    I am still having problems going from sitting to standing without sitting on an elevated chair or a pillow. My physical therapist remarked that I am stronger than what he has observed. I found that very condescending and untrue. I have been disappointed with physical therapy post op.
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    TKR Sleep Deprivation

    I asked my Dr to keep my foley catheter in overnight. He agreed, and I had to remind the nurse to take it out. The nurses were glad that there was one TKR that they didn't have to walk several times to the bathroom. I knew I couldn't hold it and didn't want to wait on them to answer the call bell.
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    TKR Sleep Deprivation

    I wanted to post this in case it might help another person in TKR recovery. At the 3 week mark, I was exhausted. I felt like princess and the pea. I could not get comfortable in the lounge chair, and at bedtime, the slightest sheet ripple in bed felt like a boulder. I was waking up every time I...
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    TKR Sleep Deprivation

    Also, Thank you Roy and Sara. The clicking and snagging sensation is odd, but might be my new normal. I have felt so negative after having my TKR, I was afraid I made things worse. This reassures me. The good thing is that I retired in July, so I can take my time at home to heal.
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    TKR Sleep Deprivation

    Thank you, Celle and Jamie. I had manual pushing for 4 weeks. I would go home and cry. Now I am doing strengthening exercises at PT with light weight on my ankle. I need to be more assertive, obviously no pain, no gain is wrong from what I am reading on the forum. I see there is also a pain med...
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    TKR Sleep Deprivation

    I am a nurse, and I thought I was prepared for the pain of my left TKR, but it was much worse than I expected. Sitting to standing is the worst with sharp pains on both sides of my knee. I also have this odd catching sensation when straightening my leg or walking up a step. I was in PT with...
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    Welcome to the October Feisties' 2019 Knee Recovery Club

    Please add me to the Oct list. I had a left TKR on 10 Oct 2019. Thanks


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