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  1. C Mac

    Revision THR Triple Hippy- Revision smoothly over<

    Are you still doing any of the journaling that you did before surgery - maybe that would still be helpful. :loveshwr:Also, which meditation music app do you use? I have used Insight Timer over the years and have found all sorts of different things that are interesting to listen to - it would...
  2. C Mac

    Conregor09's Introduction

    She has made it to the other side - just waiting for her to start her new thread!:wink: Come out, come out where ever you are @Conregor09 :walking: Take care, Cardie
  3. C Mac

    Revision THR Triple Hippy- Revision smoothly over<

    :santaclap:Congratulations on your successful revision! We were probably here together after your last surgery and mine as your user name seems familiar to me. It's reassuring to read how long your hip has lasted over the years from your surgery 20 years ago. I also loved your description of the...
  4. C Mac

    Conregor09's Introduction

    @Conregor09 are you able to post any of your scope pictures here so that @Josephine is able to take a look at the yellowing you are referring to?
  5. C Mac

    THR Cathy's Recovery<

    Hi Cathy! Just reading a bit of your post-op thread and saw you mentioned this tidbit from your surgeon upon completion: "Said he had a tough time getting the femur away from things and exposed the way he wanted. Not abnormal, he said he runs into it sometimes for a number of reasons. He said...
  6. C Mac

    Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional (RTHR 3/30/17)

    Wishing you well on Thursday @VThereandnow :bicycle1: May you have a return to the bike as soon as your body is on track with your new hip. Wonder if any of our old hippie pals are around to check in on you?? @Z15 @charlie cyborg @Jetlag @alexthecat @djklaugh There's more but I cannot tag...
  7. C Mac

    Revision THR What all does this involve?

    We always think of a bunch of questions after the appointments, don't we @Angie68 :flwrysmile: How's it going now? Did you end up going with the nerve study or looking in to another PT assessment for your gait like Jo mentioned? Try not to beat yourself up too much it sounds like your x-rays...
  8. C Mac

    THR 11 months post op :'-(

    Hi Valinda, I think you should look for a revision doc too, when you get to the point that you are ready for that step. Meanwhile, it's amazing to me that you can parachute with your fake hip!! You are fortunate to have an activity like that to bring you joy :flwrysmile: Take care, Cardie
  9. C Mac

    Revision THR What all does this involve?

    I've got my fingers crossed that this will be the last time they have to go into fix one of your hips!! You've been through a lot. Take it slow and easy with your recovery, Cardie
  10. C Mac

    Revision THR What all does this involve?

    Hi Angie, I just wanted to say how sorry I am that you lost your beloved mother last year. I'm sure that was very traumatic and it sounds like you are continuing to have a very difficult year since then. I hope that you have some sort of support system while you are dealing with this hip stuff...
  11. C Mac

    THR Bionic Jaycey checking in!

    Hey @Jaycey just noticing that you only have one hip badge icon and you now have 2 bionic hips!! :thumb: Seems like you are doing very well and that's great!! Now hold still so someone can pin that badge on… @Poppet or maybe @Jamie :) Take care, Cardie
  12. C Mac

    THR 11 months post op :'-(

    Hi @Valinda Are you taking anything for the nerve pain? Maybe gabapentin or lyrica? Sometimes for those of us with congenital issues the after effects of hip replacement are a little less perfect and it takes more time and work to adjust to some pretty significant anatomical changes. I hope...
  13. C Mac

    THR 11 months post op :'-(

    Hi @Valinda I see in your signature line that you have some surgery in 2012, what did they do at that time? Just wonder if you've tried any type of medication for the nerve pain? Some people get relief from Lyrica, cymbalta or gabapentin. Maybe @Josephine might have some other suggestions...
  14. C Mac

    THR well, we'll release the left one then

    Hi @MarkC it sounds like you are doing well and hopefully this will be the end of your hip surgeries and you'll be moving on with the active life that you've been trying to have for quite some time!! Take care, Cardie
  15. C Mac

    THR Makoplasty Recovery in CT

    You may need to taper down with your tramadol dosage in order to not experience the withdrawal problems. If you google tramadol withdrawal you'll see that there can be issues as one comes off the drug and it's best not to just stop abruptly. Take care, Cardie


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