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    TKR Post tkr hemhorrage

    It has been 20 days since I last posted to this wonderful tkr resource site. I am now 2 months out from my 8/16 tkr. My first post to this site was my attempt to find someone that hemorrhaged the day after tkr. No one posted a reply telling me that they had that kind of post surgery experience...
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    TKR Post tkr hemhorrage

    The moderator asked what me what was done to help me with my post tkr hemorrhage. The short answer is nothing could be done so nothing was done initially. A day or two after my tkr my surgeon stuck a needle in my knee near my patella and tried to drain some of the hemorrhaged blood from that...
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    TKR Post tkr hemhorrage

    I am new to the forum. I had tkr on my left knee 8/16/21, so I am almost 6 weeks post op. I was released from the hospital late in the evening of my surgery day. The very next day my surgery leg hemhorraged and I had a serious hematoma (blood in my leg tissue) from my ankle to my groin...


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