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At BoneSmart, we hear time and time again from our grateful members what a difference we made in their decision to have painful joints replaced and in their successful recovery.  The ability to provide a steady stream of unbiased information and personal support 24/7 has been BoneSmart’s specialty for more than a decade.

Here is a personal story from one of our Forum Administrators, Jamie:

I found BoneSmart over a decade ago on a dismal night following my first knee replacement when I was up at 3 a.m. and in a significant amount of pain.  My surgeon was great, but no one had prepared me for the details of what I might experience in recovery.  I was scared the pain meant something horrible was wrong with my knee.  I posted on the forum and shortly began a conversation with the forum nurse, Josephine. She calmed me down and gave me options for pain relief that worked.  As I continued to talk with Jo and other BoneSmarties, I learned the “why” behind what I was experiencing and how to deal with it all.  I was so relieved to find out I was normal!


The experience was so profound that I decided to stay on with BoneSmart and help others in their joint replacement journey.  I am continually humbled and rewarded by hearing from members who tell us that the simple sharing of information about what they are experiencing, and the personal attention given by our staff and other members are the things that get them through recovery. 

As a testimonial to the success of joint replacement surgery, this photo is me at the Prague Castle last Thanksgiving during a 10-day trip to Europe. Miles of walking, sightseeing, and shopping didn’t faze my two knee implants and I had the adventure of a lifetime.

BoneSmart is the best kept secret in the orthopedic community!

BoneSmart is the number one online resource for patients looking to joint replacement as an option for their arthritic conditions.  Yet we work constantly to get the needed boosts from our corporate partners like you who are the movers and shakers in the industry.  YOU have that all-important direct contact with not just doctors, nurses, and patients, but also senior corporate leaders that could jump on board to support our important mission of creating broader awareness about the success of joint replacement surgery.

There is no doubt this is major surgery.  As we know from hearing from patients, they get scared and need reassurance that joint replacement surgery today is one of the safest and most successful procedures they can have. In addition to the detailed information we provide about implants, surgeons, the procedures, and recovery, they need to hear from other patients who have been there, done that, and wear the badge.  They want to know they can have their life back!

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There are over a million hip and knee replacements done each year in the US.  Our membership is approximately 30,000.  That means there are a tremendous number of people who have yet to discover BoneSmart.  They are missing out on the 24/7 support and the educational material that will help them better communicate with their medical team, as well as the reassurance of our great community of BoneSmarties.  Print out fliers and pass them out.  Encourage your customers to check out our website and forum to learn why we are the best patient resource for joint replacement information and education.  Mobilize your organization to get involved so our patients can learn more about your technologies and how they can improve lives.

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BoneSmart is committed to remaining the number one resource for joint replacement not only in the US, but worldwide.  We were recently awarded, for the third time, HealthLine’s designation of Best Blog.  Back in May, we hosted our 2nd Annual Joint Replacement Awareness Day® and our 2nd Joint Kitchen Webinar.  But even with our tremendous volunteers, our costs to keep things running has us hustling to find the funds we need.  Our goal for the rest of the year is $55,000.  With your support, we will be able to implement some of the plans we’ve made for expanding our educational programs, revising our website to make it more user friendly, exploring community outreach programs in a number of cities across the country, and looking forward to our upcoming 3rd Annual Joint Replacement Awareness Day on May 9, 2020.

In short, you can help BoneSmart become the BEST-KNOWN educational resource for patients in the orthopedic community!

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