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Learn more about DJO SurgicalDriven by DJO Global’s desire to create high-end products that improve quality of life and restore movement to those with degenerative arthritic disease damage, DJO Surgical is able to provide orthopedic surgeons a high-end, patient focused solution for total joint arthroplasty.

TaperFill™ Hip System

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DJO Surgical DAA and TaperFill™ Information

DJO Surgical TaperFill™ Hip System

Less invasive hip surgical approaches, such as the direct anterior approach (DAA), can be advantageous to patients due to the reduction in soft tissue trauma and the potential for earlier recovery. DJO Surgical designed the TaperFill™ femoral stem with a shortened overall length and an anatomically congruent, Tri-Taper™ profile to ease insertion, prevent subsidence and achieve stability using all surgical approaches.

DAA is a minimally invasive surgical approach where the incision used to access the hip joint is made at the front of the hip area, rather than the side or back of the hip. DJO has partnered with experienced medical professionals from around the world to perfect this technique. A select group of orthopedic surgeons specialize in this exciting and innovative approach to hip replacement.

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Active Confidence in Every Step

DJO Surgical 3DKnee™ Information

DJO Surgical 3DKnee™

If you suffer from debilitating knee pain, the 3DKnee™ System may get you moving again. In order for the surgeon to have access to the joint, the ACL must be removed. The ACL is one of four knee ligaments connecting the upper leg bone (femur) with the lower leg bone (tibia). It runs up the front and in between the condyles of your shin and thigh bone, and stabilizes knee movement. Some patients lose the functionality of this ligament long before having a knee replacement.

DJO Surgical teamed with doctors at the Orthopedic Research Laboratory to develop the innovative 3DKnee™. Using moving x-ray images of healthy, active total knees and applying military imaging technology to study the motions of knees with artificial implants, DJO Surgical made significant discoveries about the way healthy and implanted knees behave.

The 3DKnee™ is a premium high flexion total knee replacement designed after a decade of research. The 3DKnee™ instills confidence through every step of the total knee replacement process from the surgeon’s joint selection decision, to the surgical procedure and patient post-operative function.

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Advanced Technologies


DJO Surgical e+™ polyethylene Information

DJO Surgical e+ Polyethylene

Blended to Move You

e+™ is an appropriately cross-linked polyethylene materal that is blended with vitamin e and formulated to reduce long-term wear. Using e+™ polyethylene can provide benefits such as reduced wear and maximum strength.

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