Send Us Your Video

Congratulations! You’re almost done. Step 4 of 4 is to send us your video. Here’s how:

Mail us your video
(preferred if you’re in USA)

Large video files can take a long time to upload and download. So if you can mail your video to us on a disk or memory stick, that’s great. We’ll send your disk or memory card back to you when we’re done, so be sure to include your return address. Mail to:
ATTN: R3R / Jeremy Reither
548 Market St., #27905
San Francisco, CA  94104

Upload your video online

Alternatively you may send us your video file using our large file storage service. It’s an online service that allows transfer of very large files (ie: your video), which are too large to send by email. If you prefer this option let us know by sending us an email titled “Patient Story Video” to Don’t try to attach your video to your email – wait for us to reply with further instructions.