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What is “gait” and why is it important?  The simple answer is that “gait” is the pattern of how you walk.  But as far as your health and wellbeing are concerned, it’s so much more!  Your body’s alignment, balance, and mobility all depend on you having normal and coordinated movement. Proper gait is everything.

BoneSmart + OneStep!  OneStep has proven to be effective for our BoneSmarties – whether you’re pre-habbing for joint replacement surgery, in recovery, or even if you are years down the line looking to improve your gait, balance, or reduce lingering pain.

Register now, but start the program when you’re ready.  Put your recovery plan together now with your personal OneStep therapist and start it on your schedule.  If you want to use a local in-person therapist (who probably won’t have medical grade gait analysis capability), OneStep will coordinate with that program so you get the best of both worlds.  The OneStep smartphone app is unique in providing a constant analysis of your gait as you take short walks with your phone in your pocket.  Using the gait analysis, your OneStep therapist guides you toward effective exercises and continually assess your progress.

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How does the app work? OneStep guides you through every aspect of your therapy program. You are prompted to take walks and perform targeted exercise sequences designed by your personal therapist for your individual needs. When walking, the app reads and records your gait information.  It then analyzes performance and progress.  Constant personalized feedback is provided to keep you on track and adjust the exercise program as needed. Graphics and charts enhance the information as you progress and you’ll easily see your progress on a daily basis. Participation is on a month-by-month basis. You can stop at any time. Most of our BoneSmarties who have used the program for 2-4 months reported excellent results.

What is the cost after my free trial? After your free trial ends, you still can have access to the gait analysis capability at no cost. To continue your personalized therapy program, select the option below that best fits your needs.

OneStep Plus is perfect for the patient who is ready to speed up recovery and improve their results.

OneStep Premium provides a comprehensive package for the disciplined patient who is ready to meet or exceed their recovery goals … and more!



  • OneStep will contact you to arrange a meeting with the OneStep therapist once you have downloaded the app