OneStep App Request

Since December, BoneSmart has offered a number of pilot tests and special promotions with our partner, OneStep.  Members were allowed to use this unique app at no charge to help us evaluate the program’s effectiveness for prehab and recovery for joint replacement patients.  Feedback has been extremely positive and we are pleased to let you know that our partnership with this outstanding company will continue.  Although our free promotions for OneStep have ended, we have negotiated a discount to the monthly subscription rate of 15% for BoneSmart members for up to 6 months on the program.

If you have had a joint replaced or are anticipating surgery in the coming months, there are a limited number of slots available for our BoneSmarties to have full use of the program at no cost.

OneStep is unique in that it’s based on continuous gait analysis. You are assigned a therapist who works with you to assess your progress and guide you toward proper exercises that get your body back in balance.  It works well when you’re in recovery or as a pre-hab strengthening program, but it’s also been effective for some of our members who have had problems years after surgery.  The program can work alone or as a supplement to a local therapist your surgeon has recommended.

What is OneStep? Proper gait is a critical component of recovery from joint replacement surgery. OneStep is a physical therapy mobile application (app) that transforms your smart phone into a medical-grade gait lab with comprehensive analysis any time you take a short walk. Based on specific recovery goals and this gait analysis, OneStep’s expert therapists build a personalized therapy plan for each patient. As part of a pre-hab program and throughout recovery, patients see their progress in a quantifiable manner as they engage in continuous contact with their OneStep care team.

How the app works. Once downloaded, OneStep provides complete instructions on how to proceed. You are prompted to take walks and perform various exercises for two months. When walking, your smart phone is either placed in your pants pocket or held against your leg to allow the app to read and record gait information. The app then provides an analysis of performance and progress. You receive support and prompts through the app along with instructions for recommended exercises. Constant personalized feedback is provided to keep you on track and adjust the exercise program as needed. Graphics and charts enhance the information as you progress. You’ll easily see your progress each time you take a walk.

Participation requirements. To participate, you must:

  • Have a cell phone to download and use the app
  • Download the app, register with OneStep, and perform a basic gait analysis
  • Schedule and participate in a 30-minute phone session with a OneStep physical therapist each month
  • Follow the prescribed exercise program for a period of 60 days
  • Take a minimum of 4 walks per week (30 seconds to 30 minutes each); daily walks are better
  • Provide feedback on the app and your recovery via online surveys at 30 days and 60 days

Join your fellow BoneSmarties in this exciting opportunity!

Please complete the items below and a link to download the app will be emailed to you.

  • OneStep will contact you to arrange a meeting with the OneStep therapist