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187 days out of surgery, scar more visible
96 days out of surgery, scar much less visible with scar shield
 96 DAYS OUT FROM SURGERY Scar Shield used for 28 days
Hypochlorous (HOCL)
Solution Fast Facts
Hypochlorous solutions’s chemical name is HOCL. Our white blood cells, the body’s natural infection fighters, produce hypochlorous to kill bacteria, fungus and virus. Hypochlorous solution kills bacteria the same way our body does. Prepare to be amazed by all that Hypochlorous solution can do!
Clinically proven, doctor recommended wound cleaner.
Kills 99% of bacteria within 15 seconds of contact!
Optimizes surgical outcome.
Used immediately on a wound, promotes new tissue growth and the body’s natural healing process. Diminishes the amount of scar tissue formed, an important consideration for patients who form overgrown hypertrophic or keloid scars.
Reduces skin inflammation.
Lower levels of inflammation reduces pain. Less inflammation also means reduced itching and skin sensitivity for treated areas.
Designed for immediate treatment of surgical incisions.
Used in hospitals worldwide for irrigation, debridement, and treatment of wounds or burns, Hypochlorous solution is non-toxic and safe for sensitive skin. Contains no steroids, antibiotics, alcohol, or iodine. Can be used anywhere bacteria and viruses are a potential problem.
Many uses beyond wound care.
In addition to more serious medical applications, hypochlorous solution is an excellent, safe treatment for superficial wounds, minor scrapes, and bug bites. It is easy to store and keep on hand in a medicine cabinet or kit. Hypochlorous solution has been used for decades in the cosmetics industry as a skin cleaning and healing agent. Safe for use around eyes or mouth, baby products include it because it’s gentle for sensitive skin. It is also used an as oral wash after tooth extractions and gum surgery, as a cleanser for bedsores and large ulcers, and to eliminate germs in neo-natal intensive care units.
HOCL is an FDA cleared technology for use on minor wounds,
lacerations, burns and skin irritations.
Hypochlorous solution has also received approval by the European Commission as a biocidal product, and it is authorized to bear the CE Marking showing it meets production standards.
Minimize Your Surgical Scars