Revision TKR Zimmer Rotating Hinge Knee Prosthesis

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Rose! What a great idea! What would BJ do without the group helping her out! I think a DJ will suffice though! After all, she has agreed to rent the entire ski lodge, a private chef, a jet , a massage therapist, and of course a great Physical Therapist! We will need the PT oh and by the way she has agreed to send Katie with me and Nikki my massage therapist. They will keep us in top shape and get the kinks out when we return from skiing! :happydance: I'm sorry but keep this part a secret ok..... She is renting a snowmobile that is enclosed with a heater so I won't get too cold when I am out on my Search and Rescue missions!:whistle:

Rose we have a wonderful generous friend don't we!:yahoo:
Sonja, I'm really pleased to hear that you managed to keep your balance when both crutches slipped! It's a scary feeling, isn't it, trying to maintain your balance in those sorts of circumstances :egypdance:

My husband tried to find non-slip tips for my crutches but there aren't any available here in Oz, however I managed to find some made in the States when I googled the question.

If you're going to be on crutches for quite a while, I would recommend getting them. They have made a HUGE difference to me feeling much more confident when I go out in the rain :)

I got mine from this company ...


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