Revision TKR Zimmer Rotating Hinge Knee Prosthesis

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It's a fairly massive walking frame on wheels ... you can rest your elbows on it and just push, rather than trying to lift a walking frame then plonking it down.

It's pretty awkward trying to get into the bathroom when you need a shower or whatever but I've grown used to driving it after having used it so often these past 12 years :snork:

I've found a picture of it on the internet for you ...


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OK, so today is the 6th week since my op and I'm still on 2 crutches so am feeling really despondent :cry:

I've been dragging my feet about contacting the rehab clinic which my OS suggested I should see as I'm still nervous about driving but finally decided to bite the bullet and call them. They're not physios but exercise psychologists.

Has anyone else had exercise psychologists helping them to get over their operation? I have no idea what to expect, apart from wearing baggy clothes! Not sure why I need a psychologist to get my muscles stronger but I'm sure I'll find out on Tuesday :rolleyespink:
Grannyweasel, hi, I am glad that you didn't have any serious injury from your fall. I am also sad to hear of your despondency, but glad that you will be seeing an exercise psychologist. It will be so good for you to do this and get past this hurdle. :friends: this too shall pass!

Janet, I think that gloves sound like an excellent idea. I saw in a picture that my sister posted on facebook that she is using gloves with her walker. (she got her rtkr 8 days after I got my rpkr)
Hi! grannyweasel, As you have experienced yourself, there are a lot of ups and downs in this recovery. And right now, according to you, you are feeling despondent. So, I suspect that an exercise psychologist is someone who not only helps you physically improve your muscles, etc., but also helps you deal with the mental stress that's part of what's going on here.

I think you have made a wise decision to call the rehab clinic---it may be just the ticket to physical and mental improvement and help you just feel better overall.

Take care of yourself and keep us posted. We care.
Hi guys ... well I made it to the rehab clinic on Tuesday and it was great! :biggrin:

It's a mixture of gym and physio stuff and my exercise physiologist (got the term wrong! They're not psychologists, sorry!) had me doing all kinds of exercises, including on two machines.

My guy was the knee rehabilitation "guru", so I felt very confident about following his advice.

He also looked at me walking with just one crutch and he said I should continue to walk with just one as that would strengthen my leg.

He gave me a heap of exercises to do at home and when I left the clinic, I was surprised at how good I felt. Thought I'd be bent over double in pain :th_heehee:

However an hour later I had to sit with ice on my knee and ankle! The next day I couldn't move as all my muscles were not happy and on Thursday I had the worst pain in my right hip so couldn't think of doing exercises on any of those days!

The knee is still very swollen and warm but I must say I feel a lot happier stomping around on just one crutch. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll be able to throw that away and walk without the fear of falling over :yahoo:
I'm 2 days short of my 10 week post op position and am having a few problems.

Last week, when walking with one crutch, I suddenly had severe pain to the right of my shin (looking down at my leg), as well as an ache in my calf.

I knew it wasn't a DVT, having had 3 clots after my 1st TKR on my right knee in 2000 but when I googled the symptoms, I thought that this fits - superficial thrombophlebitis. I saw a diagram of where the superficial veins go and both were either side of the shin.

PLEASE, can anyone tell me if they've had similar problems so long after a TKR? I'm seeing my GP day after tomorrow so will find out if I'm way off base or not.

It's just driving me mad since my right knee has been the bane of my existence since 1967 :sigh:
Well, all I can say is that it's perfectly normal for this stage to be getting odd aches and pains. Are you still taking pain meds?
Yes, I am, Josephine.

I have other problems (need a 3rd back fusion but was told the cons outweigh the pros and the cartilage is going in my neck so they're talking about fusing that - ugh!) so am on Oxycontin and Panadeine Forte pills every day to help me cope with pain from those areas :{
Yikes! You poor thing. I feel for you.
Thank you, Josephine :biggrin:

I saw my GP and his answer re my swollen ankle/foot and shin pain was that I should expect it for the next few months. I'm going to see my exercise physiologist on Monday so will ask him if it's a natural occurrence or not.

I guess having had a bad knee replacement in 2003 which made me unable to straighten my leg means that trying to get it all working now will be a long term process.

Jeez, am just so tired trying to get my body to work even halfway normally :cry:
Gosh Grannyweasel I am sorry to hear about all you are having to endure!
You have had a rough stretch, and it's not over yet because other parts of your body are in pain.

Here's to hoping that you find relief soon, I know how frustrating it can be!

I will be praying for you!:friends:
Thank you SO much, Sonja! You have no idea how much I appreciate your prayers and your kindness :thumb:

Am so tired of all my useless bits - I always thought I'd be a great grandma, as was always active as a kid & into my years until my 40s and thought that would serve me well rather than being a couch potato!

Sadly it's not the case and my kidlets have to come to accept a granny who's stumping around on crutches and can't do squat :cry:
I am covered in bruises and it ain't a pretty sight! :gaah:

This knee of mine is buckling about once a week and I'm wondering how much more my (artificial) hips and elbows can take! My EP says muscle fatigue is causing the problem, while my OS says it's because I don't straighten my leg fully when I take a step with my right leg.

And, of course, it doesn't help that it's winter now and it's raining a lot! Great for the gardens but not so good for walking with a crutch. I was so careful yesterday when I went into the shopping centre, wiping my feet and crutch tip on the carpet, but when I took a couple of steps on the tiled floor, my crutch hit a wet patch and ... whoosh ... :spin: I was like a cartoon character - arms flapping like a windmill, I was willing myself to stay upright but no such luck. I ended up kissing the floor :sigh:

It's been 3 months since my operation and I honestly did not expect to be in such a sorry state at this stage :umm:
Josephine, do you know if it's a fairly common occurrence to find that a Baker's Cyst develops after a TKR?

For the past 2 weeks I've had excruciating pain when I stand up and am finding it so hard to walk without my crutch again. The pain goes down from the back of my knee to the top end of my calf and the whole leg feels tight and swollen, while my ankle and foot are definitely swollen.

I'm seeing my GP on Wednesday so will find out more from him but certainly the symptoms for the BC sound just like what I'm experiencing with my right leg :sorry:
Hello, I can certainly relate to your crutch problems. I am still on two crutches, and when my husband and I went to eat, I walked by th the drink machine, and one crutch started going out from under me! Well, I thought I would correct that by moving my other crutch and shifting my body weight. Hit another wet patch but was able to "dance" myself back into position, so I didn't fall! They had very dark tile, and when I looked back I could see the wet floor. Frustrating sometimes isn't it! :gaah:
The very reason I preferred this device walker.jpg . May make you look older, but much more secure. I would have refused crutches if they'd been offered, which thankfully they weren't. Be careful out there---it can be a dangerous world.
Fall down.gif
Well, at PT they want me on crutches because I am more mobile. When I use the walker, I slow down and the gait is off. I know that some people don't like crutches, but they have become second nature to me now. (After all, how do you think I was able to dance so well Judy?)

Now, on our ski trip will dancing be part of the program? After all, I am getting quite proficient at it! :wink:
Maybe we should put our order in with BJ to hire a band of DJ for our dancing and musical pleasure?? What do you think??
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