Bilateral THR Yogi recovery from BTHR.....

Must be wonderful to get out. I wanted to go to the country this week-end--long week-end here but PT said no long drives because of danger of clots -3 weeks. I can do 45 minutes then out and walk. I am also with a cane and 6 weeks re-hab 2x a week starting next week. My muscles seize when I do too much but I have only been on aspirin now no pain meds since week 2. But 5km that would be heaven for me. That is my goal when I am totally cane free. Way to go.
@Yogigirl Don't worry about the scars - wear them with pride! In a relatively short time they will just look like thin white lines down your legs.

I've always loved Hunter Thompson's quote: “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Wow! What a Ride!”
@mikeycat 8km today :) in lots of little pottering bits rather rhan long walks! Got to 9500 steps today so feeling very proud and stronger. I’ve just built it up about 400-500 steps a day this last week. Icing every night and being aware of how I feel so I don’t overdo it.
Can now do upstairs like a normal person just using a bannister but downstairs still with a crutch. Plus walking in the house with no crutches :happydance:as my PT said none or two! And always two outside.
Feel like I’m getting there...did a little hoeing of weeds in the garden. Carefully!
Plus went out to dinner yesterday for 4 hrs! It was my best friends birthday & her whole family was there. I was Very tired after but only a little extra swelling & pain & it was worth it to see my favourite 7 yr old.
PT said no long drives because of danger of clots -3 weeks. I can do 45 minutes then out and walk. I a
I hadn’t heard that but I’ll be careful. My long drives are about that long so I’ll restrict to that for a bit longer.
@djklaugh my scars are improving it’s just the right is still very bumpy at the bottom but I’m gentle massaging it.
And yes I plan to skid in smiling and knowing I had a great time!
Hi @Yogigirl :wave:
Stopping by to wish you a Happy One Month Anniversary!
I hope all is well and you're pleased with your progress.
Another amazing bi-lateral. I don't feel I'd have the courage.
Wishing you a pleasant evening and weekend as you continue on the journey! :walking:
Oh my, ONE MONTH. (Belated)
Hip, hip, hooray.
I've just realised how long it has been since I have been on here! Life started to get more mobile, I started to get into catching up on admin & before you know it a few weeks has past!!
so I am now 7 weeks post op, back teaching yoga but obviously not demonstrating most of the postures!! Driving again. Signed off by my surgeon to go enjoy life but not to push it for a few more weeks. Generally I feel good. The only issue I have had in the haste few weeks has been a day I spent mainly sitting (to do my First ai refresher so I had to be there!!) which resulted in swelling & discomfort. Other than that I have been improving every few days, finding myself more confident to shower without a chair, do stairs without crutches, get up & down off the floor with, maybe not ease but certainly confidence!!
I am so happy I had them done. Monday I am lending all my props, grabbers, shower chair, toilet support etc to a new hippie so its lovely to feel my experience can help someone else!! I can see how this website started!!
Double hippy happy!
So glad to hear you are doing well.

It will keep getting better and better so do take care!
Bilaterals Rock!:yahoo:
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
It's great to read you're doing well. Well enough to borrow your assistive devices to another.
I hope you have a wonderful week as you continue the journey! :wave:
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I can only imagine the things you're doing now.
Next time you drop by, please leave an update as inspiration to those following behind.
I hope you're enjoying some beautiful Summer weather and life! :wave:
Wow the last few weeks have gone so fast! I’ve been off in a motorhome for a week exploring the south coast, up to 5 hrs a day in the van and over 10km walks and doing great
Ran a yoga retreat this weekend and able to do most things except standing from a lunge I’m still weak in my upper leg.
I love my new hips ❤️ No pain after walking or in bed. The odd grumble in the groin if I’ve moved a bit deep into a stretch while teaching yoga and not focusing on me but a few abductor (out sideways) moves usually ease that.
Good luck everyone whose at the beginning of the journey
Tremendous, @Yogigirl :happydance:
Good luck everyone whose at the beginning of the journey
Was glad to see your update as we have a new member @Brushis who has decided to have bilateral hip replacement and will love hearing how well you are doing.

I love my new hips too:loveshwr:
Hi @Yogigirl
Your update seems pretty amazing for a bi-lateral at three months post op. Good for you!
And to think it will get even better. Imagine the things you'll be doing...
Best wishes to you as you continue the journey!
Hi @Brushis
Yeah she did...scroll back and look at her posts on this thread.
You are going to do just fine.
@Yogigirl You are doing amazingly well. Congrats on your bilateral bionic hippie status! We should have t shirts for our recoveries.. Somehow a bionic shirt done in good taste without declaring to all that we had our hips replaced.. a secret hippie club..

I digress.. congrats and continue to rock your recovery. :flwrysmile:
Ran a yoga retreat this weekend and able to do most things except standing from a lunge I’m still weak in my upper leg.
Hi @Yogigirl, sounds like you are doing really well. I am interested in how you may have modified your yoga. I used to practice yoga on a regular basis up until about 6 mths before my bilateral THR. Some of the poses were just becoming too difficult and painful, despite my caring teacher propping me up on pillows! Sitting cross legged just was not happening, so I used to do most of the sitting poses in long sitting. Do you have any tips or things to watch out for, as I would love to go back to yoga, I’m coming up to 3 mths like you. Happy for you to message me if more appropriate, or we create a yoga thread on the community page. Whatever is best.
@Brushis 28th May so you’ll be five months after me. Both together and although I was so nervous I’m so glad I did
@Hippymel i can do most things though alot of it has taken extra strengthening work. I do a lot of lunges as I found standing from a lunge or stepping back emphasised my upper thigh weakness where my femur was cut off! I sit with soles of feet together a lot ...Baddha konasana but do cross legs as my inner thighs like the stretch
The things I’ve found hips don’t like are standing triangle pose & dun salutations so I just don’t! A lot of the physio is basically yoga postures!
If you know how to start a thread I’d be very happy to advise. Ask away.....
My new hips have opened up my practice so much even at 3 months and I think the physical strengthening of teaching over 10 classes a week since week 7 has helped my recovery
The days I ache are sitting down admin days so I’m very lucky to have an active job

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