Bilateral THR Yogi recovery from BTHR.....

His secretary asked me to go in this afternoon which makes me feel better. At least he knows what he’s doing
I’ve tried all the solutions I can think of, rest, ice, painkillers, moving
My surgeon was very good...sent me for an X-ray just to check all was in the right place which it is :)
So he said try not to favour that leg. As my other foot doesn’t work my poor right leg tends to take all the work. Pre op it was much sorer too :(
So basically I am ok and as is often the case with I know everything is in the right place it all hurts less!!
So back to my recliner with ice
Even with bilateral, recovery seemed a bit different with each leg.
I had a "weaker" that didn't "listen" as well and lagged a tad behind.
I thought maybe that could be it, though I didn't express it well, but it is so reassuring just to Know from X-ray.:yes:
Still very early days...
It Will get better!
Layla has a great suggestion for members to mark improvement weekend to weekend, vs day to day, as this recovery business can be a bit of an ebb and flow.:unsure:
Healing vibes coming your way!:flwrysmile:
now I know everything is in the right place it all hurts less!!

Amazing what a little re-assurance does for us. At only two weeks post op you're doing well.
Very early days, as you know. Take it slow, lots of icing, lots of rest. You're on your way!
Happy Tuesday!
Thank you everyone
As you know recovery is so frustratingly slow but if I look back a week I’ve come so far. I’ll try doing weekend to weekend.
I kind of assume as I’m fit and healthy going into the operation that I’ll bounce back faster. I’m Learning that healing just takes as long as it takes and I have to accept that.
All good life lessons I imagine
If frustrating while I’m learning them!
On the good side we have less rain forecast for the weekend. A bit of sunshine outside will do me so much good. All this rain is demoralising even when you’re healthy!
@Yogigirl Mid Michigan gets tons of cloudy weather and rain. But cloudy a lot. I feel like things are slow going, with one hip, so hang in there. We are starting our 3rd week.❤
Hope you get some good old Vitamin D and fresh air.:SUNsmile:
Definitely lifts the spirit.
You are doing just fine so keep the faith and know we are rooting for you.
Hi @Yogigirl, sorry to hear you are struggling with one side, but if it's any comfort I did too. My surgeon said that joints are like kids or pets, you can treat them the same and they react differently. Hard not to worry though, I'm glad you got it checked and all is okay!
Funny since knowing it’s ok it’s hurting less and less! I feel I turned a corner yesterday (probably coz I slept longer) and everything ached a bit less. I just feel Stronger in everything I’m doing and I even found I’d taken less pain meds :)
Feeling positive again :)
The sunshine may not be out but my mum visited and we spent the day in the garden which I think is good for the soul :)
Glad you are feeling better @Yogigirl ! Just a bit of time and patience needed. Here's hoping this horrid weather clears a bit this weekend. Fresh air and sunshine please!
Oh yogigirl you have made it to the other side. You couldn't have explained me more with hot cold thing. I am 13 days post op. It gets better but dont let the PTs push you around. My home visting PT assigned by the hospital said one of the OS surgeons does not recommend PT. I asked my PT how his patients were doing and she said very very well. Do what is right for you. I got those gel ice packs on Amazon and boy am I happy I did. Ice is a miracle.
@Jaycey i dream of sunshine and the dilemma of shorts with my new scars!
@mikeycat ice s a miracle....I have four ice packs usually two under my butt and two freezing!! They make such a difference to my pain, aches and swelling
Oh yogigirl you made my day today. I have one side which seems worse post-op then pre-op and I was really in the dumps today. After reading your post I feel better. My left side had been ailing for 12 years and my right for 1 so I guess that is why. I am happy you got the reassurance you need. Isn't it funny how just someone of significance says all is ok even if you still feel pain it automatically feels better?Your journey seems a bit similar to mine. On the bright side today we were supposed to have thundershowers and it was dark this am but now it is sunny. Post on....
At three & half weeks I feel like a human being! No painkillers for over a week now. I can actually weightbear on legs not crutch on stairs.
Best though I went out doing, as passenger, on a long drive. Catching up with a few people & getting in & out of the car four times!
I’m walking over 5 km in a day (in small amounts) & no aches. Just a little swelling in evenings.
The sun was shining, I got out the house & socialised! I felt normal!
Still not been brave enough to use a public toilet though!! I’ve had my husband take photos of a few in places I’m planning to visit to ensure they’re usable by me
Oh @Yogigirl
So good to hear such a wonderful update!
I’ve had my husband take photos of a few in places I’m planning to visit to ensure they’re usable by me
I'm trying to imagine what people will think he is doing!:loll:
Hope he doesn't get arrested for having a toilet fetish.
That’s so funny :loll:you’ve made my morning!
Definitely not going to stop him doing it though but I’ll be thinking of this every time he does :heehee:

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