TKR Yoga post TKR?

Walked a bit further today after pt yesterday. Did 1.08 miles. Quad knot a struggle still and limiting flexion. Lounge doctor wedge arrived. My that is high! Slept with it part of the night last night.
I am impressed! I plateaued at a half mile for ages and couldn't comfortably walk a mile until 12 weeks postop!!! You go girl!

I had discrete tight quad knots on both TKAs and they did respond well to me doing daily self massage, starting gently on the surrounding area then targeting the knot for deeper work, going in slowly while slowly breathing and trying to keep everything relaxed.
Snow might hamper a big walk today. Sure is pretty.
It sure is pretty, but I’m glad it’s at your house and not mine! :heehee:

:snow plough:

I do love the view you have there!
Ugh. I'm not ready nor a fan of the snow as an Upper Midwest resident.
We have a dusting also this morning. It is only 27F, Brrr! Enough snow to stick, but I can still see the grass through it all. Yours is pretty though! Ours...not so much.
I hope you have a happy Sunday and a great week as you continue healing. Stay warm!
Here in central Virginia, we seldom see much accumulation. That's a good thing cuz hardly anybody around here knows how to drive in it! But, I do love to see it falling.
That sure is pretty.... and I hope to never wake up to it!
Here in inland northern California we have had two nights of hard freezes and a third due tonight... the irony is it's only that cold when it's dry with sunny days! The storms raise the ambient temperature, so bring rain at our lower elevation, and snow at higher elevations, so we get picture postcard pretty dustings of snow on our surrounding hills!
After pt and a full body massage, my incision line is red. It was fine before pt. I also walked a mile today. Thoughts?
Maybe it’s red because the knee is warmer from the exercise.
I think the incision line changing colors has to do with the amount of blood going into the area. It isn't anything to worry about unless it is accompanied with being hot and really painful. You can always ask your medical team about it if it concerns you.
I have skin that normally reddens with warmth or pressure, and at times even at nearly five months my fully healed incision turns red (a long walk in jeans will do it!); my more mature knee not at all.
Absent other symptoms and assuming it loses the redness after a few hours, seems quite ok!
Yesterday was 4 weeks post op for rtkr. I walk a total of two miles on level ground with full extension and 110 degrees of flexion. Today I walked it the pasture with 5-15% slopes and a bit was higher. Only did 3/10 of a mile.
I only have two things to comment. When work related stress elevated Yesterday, my leg became stiff and heavy. This was just prior to PT. I had limited flexion by the time I walked into pt. After some pedaling and much massage, it improved. The therapist came to the same conclusion as I had. The work stressed caused a huge cortisol dump and locked up my leg. Lesson learned? Work place stress when on paid medical leave is counter productive to recovery.
Second topic is a question, really. I can finally clean the incision. What is the best practice to relieve tension in the incision. Do I consider adding a product such as Mederma alongside the lavender essential oil I have used? I have some firm puckers at the top end that I believe are hammpering flexion.
Happy One Month Anniversary!
Work place stress when on paid medical leave is counter productive to recovery
Yes. I am sorry you found out the hard way. Glad to read you're feeling better. :thumb:
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
Week 4.3 of rtkr. When can I use a scar cream like Mederma? Picture in early post was intended to show puckered part of scar.
I would wait until scabs fall off, just in case the topical product softens the scabs and they detach while the area under them is actually raw.

The puckering can be addressed at that point. There's a difference between *adhesions* between layers of muscle or fascia and muscle and *scar tissue* along the incision. The latter may indeed feel tight - and YES I speak from experience! have had puckering and lumps! - but will respond to gentle massage and, once scabs fall off, your topical of choice (mine for 50 years has been vit E oil but other things work well too).
When can I use a scar cream like Mederma?
When Can I Safely Put Lotions And Creams On My Incision?

Sometimes the skin around your incision becomes dry and itchy while healing. Although it is okay to put lotion or cream on the surrounding skin if it is uncomfortable, you should not apply anything close to or on the stitches or incision without the approval of your surgeon. It normally takes four to six weeks for the incision to fully heal and close. You don't want to risk infection by applying a product near an open area before that time. Some of the more common creams and lotions used on a healed incision are Bio-Oil, Vitamin E Oil, E45 Cream, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion with Vitamin E, and Coconut Oil.

The one exception to the guidance in regard to applying products topically over your incision is a product called ACTIVE AntiMicrobial Hydrogel Spray. This product contains hypochlorous (HOCL), a compound made naturally by your body to promote healing. It can be applied to your incision at any point during recovery - it's a germ fighter as well as a healing and moisturizing agent. Discuss its use with your surgeon before using it. You will find a link at the top right of the page in a sidebar ad you can click on.
Last formal PT today. Week 5 down. Met goal for flexion, extension, and strength. 6wk follow up with surgeon next week.

One new struggle tonight is restless legs. They just won't settle down so I can sleep. Icing and elevating and massaging. Other ideas are welcome.

Alas, this too shall pass.
Many people, myself included, find that a magnesium supplement in the evening helps with nighttime foot or leg spasms, restlessness, and muscle cramps.
One new struggle tonight is restless legs. They just won't settle down so I can sleep.
Kill two birds with one stone. :fingersx: Consider Magnesium.
Magnesium Glycinate supports the following:
Bone health
Healthy blood sugar
Cardiovascular health
Muscle relaxation and nerves
Promotes healthy sleep (falling asleep and staying asleep)

An article on Magnesium -

Drinking 4-6 oz of Q-Tonic, or similar brand before bed, which is a water that contains quinine.
Read the label as some of the waters do not contain quinine, but quinine flavoring instead.

May be worth a try for a peaceful nights rest. :sleep: I hope your weekend is all you want it to be!

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