THR Yoga after LTHR?

Happy Two Month day late. I hope you've rebounded from the setback you had after having fun with the grandkids.
Best Wishes for a good weekend!
Thanks so much but I am really 3 months out and very happy things are so good. I still feel I can do pretty much do everything I want to. My leg is weaker and I occasional take Tylenol before bed. I still have to use the rail to get upstairs and that is my most difficult task. I think it gets better every day and it will probably take the full year to not have any "niggles". I love how you guys say that. Is it a UK saying?
Oopsie... I meant three months, sorry.
Yes, UK members do use the word niggles. :)
:wave:Hello @lanstan
Happy Four Month Anniversary!
I hope you have a lovely holiday season and many blessings in 2023. :)
Thanks so much. My hip is doing great. I can do everything I want except when I stand on my Left leg to balance it is still very weak and doesnt want to bear my wt. Time will improve that i am sure.
However the last 5 days i am down with a bug. Maybe RSV, not sure. Horrible cough, sore throat headache ache and body aches. It is slowly improving. Of course nothing to do with my hip!
Ugh, I am so sorry you're sick. danelady seems to be struggling with something similar.
I do believe balancing on your left leg will improve over time. You're doing so well in your THR recovery!
Now...for that nasty bug to go away. Sending a hug and wishes you feel better soon!
Well i just wanted to update you guys in case anyone else has this issue. I am over 4 months out and actually doing very well. But after my flu/RSV illness that had me not leaving my recliner for 10 days, I feel like I am having dull ache in my hip/butt area and need to start back over with returning to where I was. I am not worried as I know it takes a year to get over a lot of this. Make to icing and slowing exercising again. Oh what fun this is!
@lanstan It is so good to hear you are feeling better! But, yes, being ill and sitting for 10 days can certainly make your back and hips feel stiff and achy. You will get back to where you want to be! Icing and slowly getting back into your normal activities and exercises is definitely the way to go. :yes:

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year :merry-xmas-smiley-emoticon:

Hello @ianstan. I have had both hips replaced 2 years apart. Went back to yoga after first one and am almost back to 100% after second one (7 months post op). Had anterior on both so timeline is a little different on bending restrictions for lateral I know. I just listen to my body and there are some of the more extreme poses I just have decided aren’t for me. But I felt stronger and stronger (other than dealing with the other hip that needed replaced) as time passed. I have an excellent article that was written a few years ago that covers it well but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share that here. Maybe @Jaycey can answer that.
I have an excellent article that was written a few years ago that covers it well but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share that here.
What format is the article in? Or is it a link? If you send it to me in a PM I'll take a look and then post it on this thread.
Well I am 8 months post op. I am sure most of my friends feel I have recovered 100%. I can do almost everything. I want you all to know that even people like me that may tell you how fast they recovered have not fully. Yes I can do everything but I still know I have a new hip. It aches off and on. I rarely join the ODIC but do take Tylenol or Advil on a day I have done a lot of things. I am so happy to have this site to know it will still improve after a yr or more. Those people that say they were back to normal may be be like me. Looks good on the outside but we do know we have a new hip!!
Looks good on the outside but we do know we have a new hip!!
Sounds like you are doing very well.

The day is coming when you will "forget" that you have new hip and just go about your day. I can't remember when it happened, but at some point I suddenly realized that I hadn't thought about mine for weeks. It does happen, with time.
I'm sure you'll forget you've got a new hip one day, @lanstan -or not think about your new hip. When I was 8 weeks post recovery, I was also able to do everything, but still thought of my new hip. But now, it doesn't matter. I enjoy work and exercise and driving - and I can even do a few things better than pre-op: Walking slightly more elegantly and sitting down cross-legged.
@lanstan @benne68 yes! My right hip is almost 3 years post op and left one not quite a year. Somewhere along the line I pretty much “forgot” the right has been replaced. Like you I can do most things that I want (and not regret it the next day!) but for the left it still aches from time to time and still working on ROM and some muscle and tendon tightness with psoas and abductors. I keep having to remind myself that the right hip has a two year advantage over the left one!

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