THR Yoga after LTHR?

I still need to take Tylenol or advil about two times a day. Is this normal.
Sounds totally normal to me. You are only weeks into a process that can take one year or longer. Patience my friend!
Thanks for the response. I love this helpful site and everyone in it. I just wish I would have found it before I was 7 weeks in to my recovery. I did cancel all my PT as I wasnt so keen on what she was telling me after reading the Bone smart tips on PT. Some of the exercises were on the list of not to do and whenever I went she made it harder and harder. I have backed off now and hope i can heal now.
Some of the exercises were on the list of not to do and whenever I went she made it harder and harder.
Unfortunately too many physios try the get patients into the "training" mode. Plenty of time for that after the hip has healed.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
I think you'll be happy with a more easy does it approach to healing from the trauma of this major surgery.
I'm wishing you a great week and hope you'll continue to update us on your progress. :)
Since I quit the Physio and did what feels good. I do yoga with precautions and my water jogging which i love 2 x week. For those that dont know about it, you put a float belt on and go to where you cant touch the bottom and go back and forth just like you are jogging. It feels wonderful and gets your whole body moving. You dont even get your hair wet! Haha. I have slowly build up the time I do it. Of course I still walk too but i dont push the distance like I was. I see my provider today so i am happy now I am doing so much better once I quit all those bands and exercises my PT had me doing. My leg is still not as strong as the other and I cant bare total weight on it without it hurting. PS I was so depressed a couple weeks ago because I couldn't walk up the stairs "normally" but after reading these posts I went back to my cane and it is very easy. I totally was pushing myself too hard before I got on this site!!
I still cant figure out how to post my scar picture. Can anyone help me.
Good Morning,
Reading your question this morning and if you are still struggling to post an image under the Hippie's Scars thread here is an article explaining the process. LINK HERE
Have a great day!
This seems crazy put I dont even know how to start a new post in the hippies site
@lanstan It is best to keep all of your posts concerning your hip surgery and recuperation here on your recovery thread. Doing so provides you and others a comprehensive history of how you are doing. So no need to start other threads. But do feel free to comment on other threads :)
So do you move it the scar site?
Hi @lanstan , keep up the good road to recovery. You're doing fine. I understand, you had the lateral approach to your surgery. I had the lateral, too, and my surgeon told me, I had no hip restrictions. That meant, I could move as I wanted to, so long as it didn't hurt. I was able to bend more than 90° before the standard 6-week-period to put my socks on for example. My favorite sport is running and triathlon, i.e. swimming and cycling as well, but some of the stretching exercises I practice as a runner after a training unit are the same as yoga, and I was able to do them only 6 weeks after surgery (maybe less). I assure you that in the long run, yoga won't be an issue for you, you'll get better and better at it. In fact, you may still improve after a year or even 2. They say on bonesmart that the road to recovery is very long, don't they?
I was pleasantly surprised that after a few weeks of surgery, I was able to do the yoga pose whereby you coil up like an embryo in the womb. Something I couldn't do before surgery, because my hip was so stiff and because of the bone-on-bone pain. Could someone let me know what that position is called in English? I've forgotten.
I wish you, lansstan, all the best for your recovery journey.
I think you are talking about childs pose. When I went at 9 weeks to the dr they said I could start to get rid of my restrictions. He did say he found that people who have been doing yoga for years like I have that being flexible can make it easier to dislocate your hip so I am still cautious. I am bending forward but i am careful with twists. I have gone back to my wt training class and feel really good these days. I can tell when I have overdone it. Especially if I do two things in a day besides walking and work (I only work3-4 hours a day). I do yoga about 4 times a week, water jogging 2 times a week and my warrior fit class ( mostly wt training) once a week. It feels so good to be back with my activities. I go slow with everything I do though so I am not 100% by a long way.
Thank you @lanstan . Child's pose: That's it. I wish you all the best. Enjoy your yoga and water jogging. And carry on reporting about your development. It's a pleasure reading it on Bonesmart :).
I sure love this site and reading everyone's comments. One thing I havent heard is much praise for caregivers! I cant believe how my husband stepped up and helped me through this process. I couldn't have done it without him! It really surprised me as he is not the typical picture of a caregiver. Praise to all the loving caregivers!!!!
Yes, my partner took such great care of me as well!
Could not have done it w/o him!!!
You're so nice @lanstan. And you're right.
Without my husband, I wouldn't have recovered so fast He helped me a lot. Yes: praise for all caregivers:).
My husband came through also. Frightening prospect initially. :wink:
Thankfully I never had reason to put him to the test before my THR. He was very attentive and all went well as long as I didn't look in the kitchen which was a disaster most of the time. :sad:
Luckily my mom and sister came to the rescue and I quickly learned to maintain it on my own in an effort to keep the peace. :yes:

So...I agree, cheers to the caregivers! :cheers:
I hope you have a great week!
Well I have been doing so well with my routine easy yoga 4x week, water jogging 2Xweek and some exercises for my arms and hips. At about 11 weeks and thought I was home free. OH no!!! I went and spent 3 days with my grandkids age 18 months and 4 yrs old.. Now I feel so sorry for the young ones here with small children. I hobbled home today and will need to rest and ice for a few days to get back to where i was. Too much getting up and down from the floor and way to active! Didnt have ice with me and I missed it so much!!!
@lanstan Every new activity may bring on aches and pains. The good news is all of this is temporary. At 11 weeks out it is still early days in a process that can take one year or longer. And if you are able to get down on the floor (and up) you are doing really well! For most of us it took months to be able to do that!

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