Revision TKR Woohoo I'm starting to feel better!

Hi @Fancypants
I love your new avatar pic it's lovely x

@busylizzie I nearly never went but in the end I was determined. Btw you remember me telling you about my sister in law having to return to the Phillipines as her mother was very poorly. Well she nursed her mom, along with her sister (they are both trained stuff nurses) she was released from ICU, made great progress. My sister in law got home late on Thursday. Then 4.30 am on Friday morning, she got a phone call from the family back home to say that her mom had passed away suddenly. She has fly back home again next Wednesday.

@suedobie chair dancing was ok. I did attempt to dance but having to use two sticks was uncomfortable. Both my knees are so stiff.

I had a really enjoyable night. I had a lot of compliments which was nice of people. My husbands family were so surprised at the effort I'd made. I said I was determined.
There was a photo booth that was being done by a friend of the party hosts and the fridge magnets were £2.00 and a framed large pic and three small pics were £1.00. Dirt cheap and oh they turned out lovely. We had a setting sun and a pirate ship,behind us. My son who looks an awful lot like Johnny Depp's, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, was plagued by a large number of people who had wanted their photos taken with him.

For the first time ever he won a raffle prize. He couldn't even believe it. Trouble was it was a bottle of whiskey. He cannot drink it. As luck had it one of his uncles offered him £10.00 for it so he sold it to him.

I'm in bed wide awake. Both knees are stiff. I'm waiting for my meds to work so I ended up with a top up x

If I find a decent pic then I will post it x got a couple ...the second pic has my sons partner with me. We get on very well x

Love Nana moon 27 x x x


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Yohoho and a bottle of rum, Ann went to a party and ooooooooo matron. Nice one lass sounds a hoot. Rest today tho by order of the numpty.

Legin THR Sep 14
Glad you enjoyed yourself. I bet it did you the world of good.
Knees up today then? Well, on the sofa at least!
Unfortunately that's the only knees up I can do at the moment. Once that other knee is fixed I will be dancing, dancing and more dancing x I really missed that last night.
I am really pleased that you had a good time last night. It is good for morale. Your dancing days will hopefully come after your 2nd knee is replaced and you have recovered.
Ok. Any suggestions. The pain in my TKR is taking my breath away. The pain is in the little bones on the outside side of the knee. I have a very tender spot at the side of these bones, almost in between and when I press..ouch and oh dear! @Josephine @Pumpkln can you shed any light on this please. I have physio tomorrow. I will try to get someone to have a look at it then. I didn't wear heels last night, just flat, low heeled wedge boots, very comfy x
Josephine will be posting her graph to locate your pain more precisely, in the meantime Rest, Ice, and Elevate.
My best guess is you did to much last night, your pic's looked like it was fun, so was worth it for the most part.
That little bone is your fibula, google it.
Your physio should be able to sort it out, just be sure you do not over do in PT, you need TLC to calm down what ever is painful. IMO no exercises, but rather gentle manual therapy (massage), ice, e stim and so on to address the pain. Hopefully a few days of rest and not overdoing will allow it to settle down.
@Pumpkln I have the same problem with my sticky-out bits touching the tablet and changing things. I turn it completely round (upside down) so the controls are at the top, not the bottom, and away from my bits! ( I have to make sure the "screen rotation " is on so I can view everything upside down or sideways on). @Nana moon 27 I'm so glad you enjoyed your party!!! And I'm pleased you like my Avatar. I'm posing with the Stan half of a lovely Laurel and Hardy statue, which was erected a few years ago in Ulverston in Cumbria, where I live. Stan was born in Ulverston so he is very dear to us! We have a Laurel and Hardy museum too, for the fans. And there are many!
Here's the chart!

Can you tell me the exact site of your pain using this chart?
Please note the instructions in the smaller image
Hi @Pumpkln this all started on Friday just after lunch. I will tell you the whole saga. I just put on my thread that I hurt them making tea but there was more.

I stood up to make myself a cup of tea and oh the pain hurt both my knees. Half an hour later the door bell rang I called hubby to answer it he couldn't hear me or the bell it was ringing and ringing, the the letter box was being banged, I panicked thinking it might be bad news stood up from the chair very quickly and felt a really sharp pain in both knees. As I went to step forward I knew the left was completely gone but the pain through the right one was awful. Hubby was on his mobile out the back and heard nothing. I got to the door, using both sticks, by now furious because of all the banging on the doors. I am ashamed to say it was his younger sister, husband and the two boys who have special needs. She was apologising profusely and looked really flustered. She looked at me and said how pale I looked and I explained that it was the pain. I was trying not to cry. They stayed about half hour.

Anyway, I tried resting as much as I could yesterday daytime. Ice, heat, elevation, top up pain medication. I was in awful pain but determined to go out. I had to chair dance to quote @suedobie, I did attempt on my sticks but the pain was too bad.
I did have a really fabulous evening. I had lots of compliments about my costume. The bottom half was a long ruffle skirt, which I stitched and hitched up one side with a pretty brooch. My husband said he felt sorry for me because he could see how much I wanted to dance. I do really enjoy it.

My son was quite shocked at how bad my mobility was last night and today. I have PT at 11am in the gym but I'm going to ask him to take a look at my TKR. Pain is inevitable in the other one as it needs replacing but my right one had been so brilliant compared to normal. It felt like it was finally functioning lie a proper knee.

Tonight hubby was going to his sisters so I got him to drop me to mom and dad's. I'm glad I went. My dad is looking really well. I saw my brother and sister in law and kids. I extended my sympathies to her and her family. Ps he got home from abroad on Thursday. Her mom had been moved from ICU to the ward and was due to be going home on Friday. 4.30 am her mom passed away on Friday. She is devastated.

Ok I'm waffling now I'm sorry.

Will catch you later. I hope that you've all had a good day and get plenty of rest.

Love Nana moon 27 xox
So your pain is here then?


I'd say the front pain (in red) is most likely either or a collateral ligament strain (collateral ligaments are the short ligaments at the side of the joint). The pain at the back, in blue, is almost definitely from the lateral hamstring which is tense and in spasm. You might have read in my thread that I had such a problem and how my chiropractor has sorted it out for me in 3 short visits. I strong recommend you consider this treatment. It will be better than any pills and/or physio your doctor might prescribe.
No, not a physio - a chiropractor. If you want it well dealt with, see a chiropractor. Chalk and cheese.
Well I'm crawling the walls in pain. I slept a little but the pain in my TKR woke me up. It's still hurting. I slept on my left side to find when I woke up I felt like my TKR and my leg had been kicked very hard.

I have a busy day today as well. My husbands brother in laws funeral is this afternoon and physio this morning x

I hope everyone's ok? X x x
Oh @Nana moon 27. So sorry you're in more pain. So frustrating these knees! Hopefully you can get in to see a chiropractor and that helps you xx take care. I've been reading your thread and you're amazing x

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