Revision TKR Woohoo I'm starting to feel better!

I managed to sleep last night. Whether it was the change of visitors, my brain now having to extend to my son who also needs to borrow my car, (think I need to run a car hire now), working on my pirate costume for a party on Saturday, the thought of going to this party on Saturday, that yes, I want to go to.
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My TKR is behaving beautifully. Had a nice chat with his friend we haven't seen for a while. I have nothing planned for today but I'm going to tidy round the place and potter. Maybe a few of the physio exercises. These seem to be working since I did the hydrotherapy. Maybe the hydro helped start the muscle development and the gym physio improve them. I cant do much about the left except keep trying. It's very weak. The muscle is half the size of my TKR one yet it had been taking a lot of strain.

Love Nana moon 27 x
Hi Ann 5 am here have been up for about an hr and reading your back posts. What's going on!!!
Leg cramps are the worst I've tried so many remedies but you need potassium bananas or what helps is quinine water. That is tonic without the gin or maybe just a splash for good measure. I take these homeopathic pills called ta da leg cramp and leg cramp pm. U dissolve under tongue it helps ( bought ion Amazon ) also bought the leg cream that I run in my calves feels good. I get bad blow ups on my legs and feel them coming so I go into panic mode walking stretching against wall anything to relieve the leg pain
Well I've stayed away from cheese for 2 weeks and that's about it. I'm limiting myself to 1x a week.

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In bed relaxing, brains out to lunch. Knees are ok. Took my meds on time.
The wretched adhesive hubby's used on the cladding in the downstairs loo has upset my chest and made me feel weird. Don't tell change there then.
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Hi all,

I was doing great until I got up out my chair to get cuppa tea. My left (non TKR) went from under me. The pains dreadful. It feels like all the insides of my knee joint are in the wrong place. This is the second time this week this has happened xthe back of my knee and the front of my ankle

Since the pain started, I have the sweating all over, I'm irritable. I do have top up meds but can't take them until kids have gone home. Hubby is around but completely stressed out trying to get the downstairs loo done, in between phone calls, sorting out sons brakes on his car and looking at a friends job.

To put the lid on it this afternoon for him, his sister and brother in law turned up with their twins, who both have special needs. The lads kept running round trying to get at his tools he was going quietly crazy x x x they eventually left and his mobile phone kept going. He was almost at breaking point.

Anyway I'm resting but even my TKR is aching quite heavily x

I will,catch you later x x x

Love Ann x x
Snap, I've just posted on my thread about increased pain. Sending you lots of hugs. You need that new knee now! Try and take it as easy as possible. Take care
Oh @busylizzie

Now I'm convinced we are in sympathy with each other, I cannot seem to get on top of the pain. Too early for strong painkillers. I think I'm sure I took them late today. Going to take top up med in an hour. Kids staying again tonight. Thankfully they've both been brilliant. Very helpful x x x

I was relieved they stayed x they're great company x x

Love Ann x x x
I think what may have upset the knee was that my granddaughter ran in to the house earlier and I picked her up with out thinking. Although she looks very skinny because of the dancing, she is quite heavy for me to lift. I just forgot myself. She was highly delighted but her mom told me off.

I have struggled really badly with the stairs although I lead with my right TKR, the left doesn't want any pressure in it. I just hope I can sleep it off.

I really want to go to this party tomorrow night. Especially now the costumes are ready. I finished the little touches and stitches here and there last night. (Cinderella will go to the Ball :heehee: ) Thankfully it's a pirate themed party, so if I do end up on both crutches, I can decorate them. I'm going as a pirate wench. It his hubby's late brothers, son in laws 50th birthday. Apparently they're putting a big pic of his late brother dressed as a very camp pirate, centre stage. Even if we go for an hour that would be something.

In bed taken top up med hoping it works. If not it's going to be a long night x x
Thanks @Legin

I will try. It's a great healer. Girls no trouble. Straight to bed hugs, chat and then sleep x

Nighty night my friend x
Thanks @busylizzie

I've been up here in bed a while. Taking things steady. I used a heat wrap on my non TKR. It soothed it and it doesn't feel so bad but it's uncomfortable. Sleep well my friend night night xxxx

Love Nana moon 27 x x x
This is weird. My non TKR was so bad yesterday and into the night. I've just got up to go to the loo and my left knee is ok but oh my TKR really hurts on the outside bones and ouch!!!
Over worked to compensate? But then me and thimking

Legin THR Sep 14
You are ready to have that left knee done, I hope it is soon. Using Ice or Heat at different times may help. I use Voltaren Jel and find it helps too.
I agree with Legin, a bit of over doing can flare those old knees up.

On a side note, going to have to do something about my tummy, when I lean forward, it hits my touch pad, and I end up on a different web page. :heehee:
Oh @Pumpkln

You are absolute it right about the need for the left knee to done. I've just taken my top up med again and two Tylenol. I've had to use a crutch to get upstairs. Daughters ordered me to bed. She's got me elevating both legs. I said I don't care if I go out tonight on two sticks, high as a kite on meds but I'm going x I can't drink anyway but I'm one of those people who can have a great time without. I said to her I feel like something is in my life saying you have to be miserable, you can't go and have fun. So I'm taking control and we are going.

I'm going to try and sleep or at least rest. My knees are feeling much better elevated. The pain in my left knee is the worst it's been, it has that broken feeling but the pain from the Back of my knee is driving me mad. heel pain seems worse. What I cannot understand is why my right TKR is hurting so much. It's not the normal ache I get, this is pain in strange areas around my knee xx

I hold my iPad up higher than you and often unintentionally change web pages via my boobs. Drives me mad x

My granddaughter the youngest has been here on her own. Her mom and sister are out. She is loving the attention xxx

Eyes are beginning to drop, catch you later xxx

Love Ann xxx
Hi @Fancypants, That's hilarious. I think we should start a new thread in the social room called "how do you accidentally change pages?" Only kidding but it is funny though :heehee: Another one could be how many times we drop the iPad or tablet when posting late or through meds, now I'm getting silly. Meds starting to kick in now. I'm beginning to relax. My eldest daughter is chilling on the bed next to me. She is 37 and lovely x she is as blonde as I'm dark. She has a son aged 19. She decided no more kids after giving birth and had a dog instead. The dog died last year and we were all devastated x x

Going off now I will catch you all later
Love Nana moon 27 xxx

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