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Once you have registered on BoneSmart the next step is choosing the right category to post in. You can see all the options on the HOME page.

The BoneSmart Reference Library

Our reference Library is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about preparing for surgery, recovery, nutrition and scientific articles. Here you will also find some general information on BoneSmart. The Library is a NO POSTING area, so you will only be able to read articles there.

Reference Library.png

Joint specific forums

If you are considering surgery or waiting for an operation, you might want to post your questions or concerns in the pre-op areas of our joint forums. We have areas for knees, hips, shoulders and other joints (fingers, thumbs, hand, wrist, elbow, ankle, foot and toes). In the knee and hip forums you will also find our BoneSmart team threads where groups of members who will go through surgery in the same month form a team to support each other. Sharing this experience with other members is a real comfort during recovery.

Once you have had your surgery, post all your updates and questions on your own recovery thread in the recovery areas of these forums.

Knee Area.png

Hip Area.png

Shoulder Area.png

Other Joints Area.png

Administrative and assistance areas

Need help using BoneSmart? The Help & Information area contains all you need to know about using BoneSmart and our rules. Here you can also report technical problems. And do watch this space for announcements from our Forum Admins.

Help and Information.png

Want to be a bit more social or pass some time?

For all other discussions not related to joint replacement, visit the Social Room. Discuss your favorite book or craft. We even have our very own cycling club! You'll find a wide variety of topical threads there so you can share your passion. And, if you don't see what you're interested in talking about, start a new thread! The only rule about posting the in the Social Room is that each thread must have a specific topic to discuss. No general "chat" threads are permitted anywhere on the forum.

The Social Room also includes the Games Room – simple games to keep you entertained during your recovery. Many a BoneSmartie has spent sleepless hours "gaming" with others who can't sleep.


Toolbars at the top of the screen

You can also access all these areas discussed above and more via the toolbars across the top of every page. You may need to scroll right or left to see all your options on a toolbar.

Nav Bars.png

Some links have a drop down list (indicated by a down arrow). To see each one, click on the down arrow and see what's available.

When you log into BoneSmart your user name will appear in the dark blue toolbar:

User name nav bar.png

The little “envelope” icon to the right of your user name will have a red number square next to it if you receive a PM (personal message). The “bell” icon is for your alerts and it will have a red number block next to it if a member has responded to a thread you are watching or someone tags you.

Your BoneSmart account and profile settings

Click on your user name to access profile settings for your account. You can click on any of these links to set up or modify your account settings or to see the results in that area (like "News feed" or "Reactions received").

Acct settings.png

  • Newsfeed – if you are following any members their posts will appear here.
  • Your content – your posts in any forum will appear in this area.
  • Account details – some of the personal details you entered during registration appear in this area. There are options to change your email address, elect to receive news and email alerts, and show your date of birth on your avatar. There is also a link to additional email options under Preferences.
  • Password and security – you can change your password at any time with this link. Be sure and click “save” before leaving this screen.
  • Privacy - here you can change the settings that show your activity on the forum to other members.
  • Preferences – this area allows you to set email, content, conversation and privacy options. You can also set what notifications you want to receive.
  • Reactions received – members have the option to react to your activity on the forum through the use of BoneSmart emoticons that appear at the bottom of every post. Any reaction you receive will be listed in this area.
  • Signature - a signature is the block at the bottom of every one of your posts. On BoneSmart, we ask members to provide their surgery dates in their signatures, as it's so helpful if/when you post a question about a problem. We have an instant reference when we answer. Our staff can set up a signature for you if you prefer.
  • Connected accounts - connected accounts allow you to log in to BoneSmart more easily by using your Facebook account. To activate this feature click the “Associate with Facebook” button in this area.
  • Following – you can elect to follow any member. Click on their user name in their avatar and then click the follow button. Their posts will now appear in your "News feed" (see above).
  • Ignoring – if you do not want to see or engage with a particular member you can "ignore" them. Click on their user name and then click the ignore button.
  • Log out - you can log out of BoneSmart using the log out button next to your user name in the blue toolbar. Or click log out in your account profile settings box.
Log out nav bar.png

Log out acct.png

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