Bilateral THR What a Rollercoaster

I am very happy for you! It sounds like you're having a wonderful recovery, and as a bilateral no less.
It is simply awesome! :yes!:

Please don't feel guilty sharing good news here because it offers encouragement and provides comfort to those following behind you to read updates such as yours, so thanks for taking the to share and please share future updates as time allows. Happy Sunday!
@Chef "I am almost afraid to jinx myself by continuing to talk about how smoothly everything has gone. I also have a bit of, I dunno, maybe kind of like survivor guilt, but successful surgery guilt? I feel terrible for folks who have set backs or their whole surgery adventure has not gone well because I want everyone to have this same sense of relief and hopefulness for a better quality of life."

I know what you mean! I had similar thoughts during my BTHR recuperation. Yes, the first couple of weeks were not fun, but relatively speaking, I seemed to sail through things. And several times in my postings I too encouraged others to not compare themselves to me but just look at what good progress they were making for themselves.

And the mundane achievements .... like putting socks on without needing any aids ..... those do warrant a hardy cheer!! And yes those incisions will be thin white or silvery lines quite soon .... after 11yrs I can barely see mine any more. Even if one is not as straight as the other ... oh well, you ought to see my shoulder scars .... those are definitely not as "pretty" as my hip ones.

It is so wonderful to hear you are doing well and enjoying your new hips!! :yes!: :cheers:
I'm at 8 weeks tomorrow! Smooth sailing. I was released to go back to work, though they did *request* I not be a nutcase and dive right back to 12 hours on my feet and carrying 100s of pounds of product per shift. :no-fin:
Scars are coming along much better than anticipated. They aren't gorgeous, but compared to some of the stapled up, poorly approximated or dehisced incisions I have seen, they are great! I'm still trying to take decent pictures to share, but I feel like I'm making the worst Only Fans page ever. Can't quite get a good angle. Ha!
Officially done with PT, though my surgeon put in for several more sessions to be approved by insurance in case I want to go in just for massage/passive stretching, etc. I feel like that was the most helpful part of PT, anyway, as I have a bike and extensive weights and other gear at home.
Functionally, I would say I am back to where I was maybe two years ago in terms of ROM. I can trim my own toenails again! I can even drop into a very respectable squat with just my 45lb (20kg) bar. Still slight swelling if I get too action packed, but on the daily I just stretch in the morning and only have discomfort that is handled by ibuprofen and ice if I do something like carry, say, a 50lb box of potatoes that bangs against the stem insertion spots on my thighs. Still a bit of numbness on one thigh around the incision, but that seems to be slowly improving. I probably move more slowly than pre-surgery more out of an abundance of caution than infirmity and walk without a noticeable limp until I get overly tired.
Sorry for War and Peace, but I wanted to throw out a positive update for the folks struggling or still wondering if it's all worth it. (I see you, @greeneyedjan!)
I hope everyone out there is in a good place/healing/ and enjoying lovely spring or fall weather.
Congratulations on your progress - don't get over excited and I'm sure it will continue to be onwards and upwards! Best wishes.
I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you have terrible Only Fans photos @Chef … lol don’t think I’ll be posting mine! Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I’m super inspired that you’re squatting at 8 weeks!! Don’t think I’ll quite be there bc I have posterior restrictions for my internal stitches but you’re making me optimistic about what I’ll be able to achieve once I’m cleared. Yay! Congrats on an amazing double recovery!!
Wonderful update, Chef! A joy to read.
Happy Two Month Anniversary!
Cheers to a great Spring / Summer 2023 :cheers:
Happy Three Month Anniversary!
I hope all continues to go well for you, Chef.
Take good care and enjoy the Summer!

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