Reverse Shoulder Replacement What a Mess!!


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Jan 26, 2011
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I had to have my left shoulder revised from a standard replacement to a reverse shoulder replacement on 11/9/22. Things went from bad to worse during surgery when my surgeon couldn't get the stem out of my arm. He had to break my arm in 3 places to get the stem out. Put new stem in and repaired the fractures. I've been in so much pain I can hardly stand it! I still am on pain med ( Oxy 5mg) in the evening when it hurts the worse, Gabapentin 100mg - 200mg in the mornings, can only sleep in a recliner, and PT can only do passive range of motion exercises. I am 4 weeks post op and ready to pull my hair out as the doctor told me this would be a long recovery. I just needed to vent and love this forum with all the great advise. Send me words of encouragement please!!
I am sorry you're struggling with such intense discomfort. Your revision sounds involved and complex, like it would make for a more agonizing recovery. I hope the pain begins easing soon and you're able to get the restorative rest that's so important for healing. :console2: We're here for you.
So sorry you are going through so much, I got lucky with my revision on November 3rd as my stem was solid and she didn’t need to remove it. Ice,Ice and rest is the best for now, it will be a more involved healing process I wish you all the best and hope you can find some comfort soon. Take care and stay safe.
I went to the OS on Friday and he told me he had such difficulty getting the stem out of my humerus that he had to break my arm in 3 places. This will make it a much longer recovery. He put me back in the sling, told me I could only do passive ROM, and because I am in so much pain he refilled my pain med. No way can I decorate for Christmas- it's depressing. Needing hugs sent my way.
@Lexus05 Sending hugs your way my friend. Sometimes life gets in the way of the celebrations. For now find what position is comfortable for you. Christmas will just be a bit different this year. But it can always be celebrated later when you are feeling better. Ice and rest sounds like the priority.
Hugs to you and wishes that you get some relief soon. Decorations are overrated lol only because I’m not doing much myself this year from my revision surgery last month, if the family doesn’t understand then that’s on them. Try and enjoy your Holidays. Take care and stay safe.
My arm/shoulder hasn't gotten any better! The nerve pain is awful and I can't move my arm. It's like I've had a stroke. It's been 3 months ago since surgery and I've convinced the surgeon to get an EMG. I'm having that done on Friday and the surgeon is supposed to give me the results on the following Monday. They have postponed it already once before. So we shall see what happens this time.
I am so sorry you are dealing with such pain. Hopefully Friday's appointment isn't postponed and they're able to get to the bottom of the pain you're dealing with and a solution to bring you speedy relief. Please let us know what you hear a week from tomorrow. Wishes for your comfort.
Sure hope they can find out what the problem is and fix it. Best of luck fingers crossed for good news. Take care and keep us updated.
@Lexus05 Do let us know how your appointment goes. I certainly hope you get some answers soon!
I had EMG done which was not good news. My axillary nerve has neuropathy with no signs of healing. My median nerve neuropathy, median nerve neuropathy, ulnar nerve neuropathy involving my carpal tunnel. Surgeon has referred me to pain clinic and doctor for my cubital tunnel syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome. The pain just won't stop no matter what I do. Surgeon told me this might be the rest of my life. See what happens next.
I just read your post and JEEZE...Im so sorry for your pain and the magnitude or your surgery......I just had a trsr and im 10 days post-op and with the sling, pain, showering, restroom etc. Im becoming very cranky! and then read your story! Your story just pushed me back into the grateful lane! I will pray for you and for your physical nightmare to be over and forward to your story when you get through this!!

Thank you!

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