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The toolbar is above the "Reply" box and looks like this


The toolbar provides ways of formatting your post, including links to the outside world, inserting pictures, and more.

Basic text styling


To make text bold simply click the "B" as shown above, and start typing. To turn it off, click the "B" again. Or you can highlight a body of text you want in bold and click the "B" just once. Use the same process to click the "I" which renders your text in italics, "U" for underlining, and "S" for strikethrough.



'Smilies' are perhaps the most friendly way to annotate your post in an amusing manner. Clicking on this icon in the toolbar will bring up the smiley menu showing all your choices.


Click whichever one you'd like included into your text.

Fonts and colors


These icons allow you to select your text color, your font and it's size.

When you click the ink droplet icon, you will see the color menu. Make your choice and click "OK." If you've highlighted a body of text in your post, it will change to that color. Anything you type from that point on will also be in your selected color.


The small eraser button to the right just above 'OK' turns the color off.

In the same way, the letter "A" icon will give you a list of different fonts you can use for your post and the letter "T" will increase or decrease your type size.

Text layout


The first icon allows you to align text left, center, or right. Normally you should type your posts flush left for best readability. Note: It is possible to use this icon to center or flush right portions of your post and leave the remainder flush left.

The second icon makes lists, which may be numbered
  1. first item on a list
  2. second item
or bulleted
  • first item on a list
  • second item
and lets you format text by
it under your control.​

As before, either select the layout you want and start typing, or select the text you want to make a list or to indent/outdent and click the appropriate icon.



Tables are a great way of laying out content by categories, but it's not something most members will use. However, if you want to create a table in your post, click the icon then use the cursor to select the number of rows and columns you want.


Then you will see something like this

and you can typein the boxeslike this


This tutorial only covers the basics of the toolbar. Other available options are covered in separate tutorials. Please feel free to experiment with all the available options.

NOTE: If you wish to create links to other sites, please take note of our forum rules. Not all links are permitted on BoneSmart and we are quite strict about what links are allowed.
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