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Jun 11, 2013
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You can use emojis on a member's post to express your feelings about it without actually posting.

Reacting to other members' posts using emoticons

At the bottom of every post is a “Like” symbol:

If you hover over this symbol a list of emojis appears:


Click on the emoji that reflects how you feel about a post. The rating will appear in the lowerleft corner of the post like this:
Like list.png

If other members react to this post they will also appear in this list.

Ratings for posts can also been seen in the forum thread lists opposite the thread title:
Like list forum.png

If you click the wrong icon or decide to change your rating simply click on the “Like” icon again and your reaction will disappear.

Note that these emojis do not appear on your own posts as you can not “like” your own content.

Interested in knowing how others have reacted to your posts?

You may want to know how you've been rated by other BoneSmarties. To see a list of reactions you have received, click on your user name in the dark blue toolbar at the top of your screen. Your account settings menu will appear. Click on "Reactions received."

Acct settings.png

This opens a list of all the reactions you have received and who gave them to you.

Reaction List.png

At the top of this list you will find a summary of all the reactions you have received.
Reaction Numbers.png
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