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Use of multiple tags or alerts in posts

Discussion in 'Forum Rules and Staff' started by Josephine, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. Josephine

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    We have a great feature on BoneSmart which enables us to call a member or member of staff to a post for some reason: the tagging feature. Sadly this has become misused of late as people are tending to create blocks or strings of tags like this

    bad tagging.JPG

    One of the problems with this is that it makes it very difficult for people viewing the forum on mobile devices to access the post as their screen is completely filled with the block of tags.

    Please know that from now on, this will not be accepted on BoneSmart and will be edited out without warning, comment or notice.

    The appropriate way to make use of many tags is like this

    good tagging.JPG
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