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If you're posting x-rays

If you are going to take an image of an x-ray from a light box or on a computer screen at your doctor's office, please make sure your phone's camera is set to the highest possible resolution and you take the photo straight on and close up. Shooting from an angle distorts the image. If personal data shows up on the image, it's best to edit that out using a program on your computer before posting it on BoneSmart. If you are unable to edit information out, the staff will do it for you, but that risks your data being out there to the world for a while until we find and edit your post.

A better option for posting x-rays for review is to get a CD copy of your files from your doctor. There may be a small cost involved, but then you have good quality images in case you need to take them to another doctor's office for review. You can then upload your images directly from the CD using the instructions below.

If you are posting an xray, the images need to be "Full image" and not "Thumbnail" when you post. They should be approximately 2,000 x 2,000 pixels in order to be "of diagnostic quality." In other words, if you want BoneSmart to give an opinion on it, it's no good giving a thumbnail or a standard small size image (300 x 400 pixels), because it will need to be enlarged. When the resolution is poor, enlarging will cause the image to pixilate like the poor kitty below (the original image on this photo was 98 x 75 pixels).
When this happens, all critical detail is lost.


You can place an image in a post simply by drag-and-drop into the text input box.
There is also a toolbar option for uploading an image.


First click on the picture icon in your reply box toolbar. Then if you click where it says "Or click here," you will get a dialog box to select an image to upload from your files. You will be able to navigate your computer and select a picture to upload.


Or you can drag-and-drop a picture to where it says 'Drop image'


Once you've uploaded an image, you'll see you have both a large image in your reply box and a smaller thumbnail file below the reply. You can delete the main image (if you wish). Then when you are ready to put all the images in your post, place the cursor where want the image to appear in your post and click on Thumbnail or Full Image and that's where it will appear. Thumbnails are recommended when you have multiple images to post. Make sure your cursor isn't in the middle of any text or close to the text. It's a good idea to leave at least one empty line above and below an image.

If you see that your Full image is fairly large, you can quickly reduce the size by clicking on the image. If you've already published your post, click on the "Edit" link at the bottom of the post.


Then click on the image itself. You'll see an edit box form around the image. Place your cursor on one of the four corners, hold down on your left mouse button, and drag the corner either in or out to make the image the size you want. You can only edit your posts for a short period of time. After that, a member of staff will have to make any edits you need done. You can alert a staff member to do this by reporting the post using the "Report" link at the bottom of your post.

When you edit a post containing images or when you quote a post that includes images, you will see the image embedded into the text as you edit. You can edit the text and delete the image by clicking on them, then using the 'delete' key


When you are in the "Edit" mode, you'll see a list of the images in the post at the bottom. You can place the cursor where you want the image to be in the post (just click in that place and the cursor will appear) then decide which image you want and click on "Thumbnail" or "Full image" and your image will appear in that spot.


You can also insert images using the "Attach files" button located below the text reply box.

You can use "Attach files" to add to the list of thumbnails without directly inserting the pictures into your post. You can then insert the pictures into your post using the cursor, as outlined above. Any attachments not used will be listed at the bottom of your post when you save (this is not a problem, it just might be slightly confusing to your readers). You can opt to delete any unused images in thumbnail and they will not appear in your published post.

An "Attached file" will look something like this:


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