THR Two years of building the courage, finally on the other side!

Do you recall how your therapist determined the right height for you? Based on posture? Your height?
Try this and see how your measures up, Merrimay -
Stand inside the walker and relax your arms at your sides. The top of the walker grip should line up with the crease on the inside of your wrist.
Fantastic, Layla. As always, you ride to my rescue
Hi Abbylaya, :wave:
We haven't heard from you here for a few weeks. I hope you're doing well.
Happy Two Month Anniversary! Wishing you a lovely holiday season with those you love and a wonderful New Year too!
Hi Layla! Thank you for checking up. I've had the flu for two weeks with a horrendous cough that actually made my ribs hurt. Dr gave us prescription cough medicine but did very little to help.
Just started feeling better yesterday. Cough finally starting to subside. Worst part is I've missed two weeks of PT. Which I think is where I got the flu lol
So a bit of a setback but I restart PT Tuesday. I've exercised as much as I can at home. And I'm beginning to get strong enough to take a number of slow steps with just a cane. You should see me on crutches. On a good day I can "power walk" on them. (I'm good at entertaining myself)
Oh Yeah...."that woman" continues to call me. And as my surgeon & Bonesmart recommended, I do not answer the phone. ❤
Oh no! That sounds awful. I am sorry you've been sick.
I've had colds with those coughing spells that make your ribs sore, no fun! Thankfully you've turned the corner and will hopefully be feeling in good shape for Christmas. :banana-santa:

I think you'll catch up with PT quickly once you return, I wouldn't worry about it.

You're wise not to pick up when you're "friend"
calls. :wink: Keep your sanity and let it ring, hopefully she'll give up soon.:)
Have a nice weekend!
I had mine the twelfth also. I’m not going to lie. It was worse Than I thought it would be. I had the spinal when it wore off that evening they tried to walk me with a walker. It was more than I could take I threw up. They put me on Zofran and the next morning I told them my leg won’t do it. Right before I passed out. I think they are used to people whining. They were very nice though. I had posterior with a 12 inch scar. I’m on Norco. I have a weeks worth I’m trying to spread them out bc I can’t take any nsaids. I hope you heal rapidly.
Good to see you checking in @Abbylayla !

The flu can really take the strength out of everyone! Combined w the hip trying to heal the fatigue is real.

I find that even catching up on sleep now takes 2 nights instead of 1, etc.

Everything takes more time.

Sounds like you are making real progress.
@Woodstockhip it's incredible how strong this hip is, and thank God for that. To be honest, after the first week or so it started feeling so natural I often forgot to police myself on how I sit, bend, stand up etc. I really hope I have a similar experience with my right hip.
Yeah the flu is awful. I got it about two weeks after my primary told me "the flu is really bad this year" and I stupidly replied "I never get the flu". So I was punished for arrogance. Lol
Happy you kicked Covid!! There's so much stuff around. It's crazy!
@Sdfoxy1 I too had that "I wish I hadn't done this" moment. I think just getting out of major surgery & the changes, trauma you go through physically & emotionally makes the 1st few days extremely difficult. I dreaded getting out of bed in the hospital. My hip didn't really hurt but I was very unsure of this new part In my body. It was mainly my knee that was almost unbearable. I know they contort your leg all kinds of ways in surgery so I'm sure the knee pain was the result. But it's fine now. I too had the spinal with light sedation, but I was out. I had posterior too. Similar size incision. Don't think of yourself as a whiner! Your not. This is a big deal on both body & mind. I have a friend with a similar experience as yours. Extreme nausea to the point they had to keep her an extra day.
Just take your time. Do what you can when you can. Don't push yourself beyond what you feel you can do. And more importantly, don't let anyone else push you beyond your comfort zone. It will result in a setback. You know your body better than anyone. If you still need pain meds & your Dr won't provide them you can give pain management a try. I had been taking Oxycodone. Not so much for my hip but my arms which are extremely arthritic. But I recently switched to Tramadol just to take the edge off my arms in PT. I got a cortisone shot too which made little difference.
But just take it a day at a time. Stay active on Bonesmart. When your down there's no place better to be then with those who are going through or have gone through exactly what you have. There's so much information & support here. Believe me it's a huge help. Keep in touch and don't be afraid to lean on the Bonesmart community!
@HollyNY I'm quite a ways off from walking unaided but I'm thrilled to be able to do so much more than before the surgery. I have hope regaining normalcy I did not previously have. Kind of makes my eyes well up a bit.
Thanks so much for your kind reply. Everyone on here is so nice which isn’t the case in all forums. I can’t imagine the “had little hip pain” part. I just can’t wrap my small brain around it lol. They make a foot long cut. Cut your muscles. Reattach saw and drill lol. Not in that order. . I know everyone is different. I had a pelvic prolapse surgery last year that was pretty horrific but this. Woah. Now this lightens up quicker but how can all that not hurt some people. Anyway. It’s been 5 days and I’m getting better each day. I keep my leg elevated and iced most of the day but that swelling is making things much harder to work right. Hopefully some of it goes down soon. This is a nice place to talk. I never figured out how to post my own question. But I will figure it out sometime.
At top of page Help/Info will assist you in reading the rules and starting your own thread. It's pretty easy.
Then the administrative team will take it from there I believe.
@Sdfoxy1 My brother in law had a hip replacement about one month before me. He was walking unassisted within 3 weeks. Totally crazy!!
Everyone has different experiences. Thinking about the surgery as you explain it, which is pretty accurate, it is kind of interesting how some have pain & others don't. You'd think everyone would have similar pain across the board. But its really good to hear your coming along. Please post you progress often so we can all follow it and jump in to give advise or support when needed
We all go into the surgery with different bodies. While I imagine the "procedure" itself is pretty consistent, our experiences in surgery and post op are unique. My knees aren't great, and I walked with a bad limp prior to surgery. I was heartbroken when I realized at about 4 weeks that I was not progressing as quickly as I was led to believe I would by my OS, PT, and all the straight A student veterans of hip replacement. Each day I remind myself that slow and sure can get us where we want to be, too. Hang in there!
So guess whose doing stairs again? That would be me. Left this dang family room for the 1st time since August 2020. Nope, not kidding. There are seven stairs from my family room to the kitchen/dining room/living room. I felt I was finally able to do them & I did. Going up was a little challenging. Had to go slow & not one foot over the other, both feet on a step before I attempted the next step....right hip still keeps movement minimal. But did it. Coming down was much easier. No need for a cane or anything. Just go slow. Next attempt all the way to bedroom (7 more stairs). Oh, and I bought a new oven....two years ago!! That I just saw for the first time yesterday. It's very very nice. Much nicer than I even thought. Lmao!!
@Abbylayla that sounds wonderful, happy you're seeing progress. Bet seeing the stove and it being nicer than you thought was a great surprise. :banana-santa:
@Elf1 Imagine that? Haven't been in my kitchen in two+ years. Good Lord. Lol. Been a long road.
But the stove really is nice. Its got a double oven, upper & lower. Really nice.
Congratulations on the mobility and getting to the kitchen and the "new" stove.

Sounds like this surgery is going to do wonders for your life and your mood and your freedom.

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