TKR Two TKRs and a broken kneecap - on the mend now!

Happy One Month Anniversary... a day late. :blush:
I hope it was a good one, Fiona!
Funnily enough, I haven’t been able to cope with watching or listening to anything at all since my surgery - none of the movies or episodes or audiobooks I downloaded. I do have some processing issues remaining from my stroke, and I think my senses are getting very easily overloaded.
I can’t imagine how I could possibly argue with insurance companies - I really feel for you!! I feel very lucky indeed to have access to free UK NHS health care.
Yes, I watch stuff I could tolerate (mostly quiet BW film noir I could sleep too). Yes, it was my disability insurance that was a pain. While off from work I needed payments to kick in to offset some costs. Thankfully I started much of the process pre. surgery.
Quiet black-and-white film noir actually sounds like it might suit me well, LD. Thanks! Any recommendations?
Greetings! Sorry I vanished a bit from this site. Work got crazy. It was all I could go to work and come home cook or get a carry out, and back to bed. I love youtube for classic film noir offerings. Just put film noir in the search engine and see the many offerings - some remastered for more clarity.

Many FN flims here in the US are public domain with full shows available on youtube. A favorite is Laura with Jean Tearney (sp?) but it usually not free. DOA is free everywhere. As well as others with Edward G. Robinson etc. I like that I can drop off to sleep as needed and then restart. Enjoy!
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Thanks for the recommendations @LD of Michigan - I will have a look on YouTube in the next few days. :SUNsmile:

Day 32 update:
I am trying not to think about the fact that the hospital may have messed up scheduling for my second surgery - I’ll find out for sure on Monday, so I’ll save my possible freak out till then! Meanwhile…

The final bit of scab fell off my scar this morning, so now I can start oiling and dealing with my very dry skin! It’s looking very good - see pic - and I’m very pleased with it.

My ROM is pretty good. I can bend my new knee right under a chair now, much further than before - see other pic.

Finally, I have developed a sharp-ish pain below my kneecap on my operated knee. I think I have worked out what’s causing it: I’ve been trying to walk more often, still using crutches or frame… But because my left, unoperated leg is now so knock-kneed, it buckles when I put weight on it, and gets in the way of my right leg as it moves forward. I realise I am slightly swinging my right/operated leg out to avoid the left one, which is making my gait wonky, and is using the new knee incorrectly. I also think I’m still leaning forward slightly when I use the frame, so my kneecap is under pressure. Together I think these two things are causing the pain. Does that sound likely to other people?

Roll on 2nd surgery!!


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I think your scar and your ROM look great.
What you say about the pain under your knee cap sounds reasonable to me-if your other leg is still very knock kneed and it is affecting your gait.
Good luck for Monday- fingers crossed the admin mix up gets sorted and you get your second surgery soon.
Day 35 update:
So, my second surgery has been rescheduled, as I was dreading, but only by 10 days, so I’m feeling OK about it. It was due to take place a week today, on 23rd May, but will now be on 2nd June - providing my second premed assessment this Thursday goes ok.

The hospital can’t tell me exactly why they didn’t book me for 23rd, but have conceded it was probably a scheduling error. My surgeon does the complex and emergency cases, and I’m complex but not emergency, so the administrator thinks she may have ‘bumped’ me off the list for someone who IS an emergency, and then simply forgotten to rebook me. That’s obviously pretty terrible, but mistakes do happen. At least I was actively chasing things up, so found out promptly, and at least I’ve been able to get a new date soon. I had a very stressed-out weekend, before I found out, worrying it might be months!

Otherwise, I’m doing ok. I’ve reduced my pain meds, and I have even had a few moments when my new knee has felt ‘normal’. I’m now just waiting impatiently for the 2nd!
I am sorry to read of the cancelation, Fiona, and the stress it caused you worrying about a lengthy delay! Such a disappointment. Thankfully you don't have to wait long. Glad to know you're doing okay otherwise. I hope your pre-op assessment goes well on Thursday and everything stays on schedule. We're rooting for you all the way!
Don't become too brave and then fall!
Don’t worry, I won’t - with my second surgery only two weeks away, the stakes are far too high!
It wasn’t deliberate. I was in my kitchen with my frame, and just walked a few steps to the kettle without it, without thinking… and then of course I had to walk back to my frame, too! I guess accidental walking is the best kind, since it’s surely a sign that your body and brain are beginning to be ready… :SUNsmile:

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