TKR Two TKRs and a broken kneecap - on the mend now!

Oh, and while I’m being cheerful, my friend came and took me out this afternoon. :flwrysmile:We just went to the big park with my little dog, my mobility scooter and my crutches, and we had a wheel/stroll round, I walked another 40 m or so, and then we went for tea and cake in the café at the Victorian greenhouse. The sun shone, we sat outside, and it was Good!:SUNsmile:
actually, I suspect that this is because my pain and sleep and mobility and function have become so very bad over the last year, that my first TKR hasn’t made anything any worse, and it’s already starting to be an improvement.
I think you may be on to something here.
It may be why people are sometimes encouraged to wait for knee surgery. The recovery can be so tough that if your pain isn't so bad- then you will definitely feel worse off for a good while.
I think it is partly why I found the early weeks/ months difficult. Although I had had rotten sciatica and hip pain from my crooked leg- the knee was not that painful and didn't stop me sleeping. I worried that I had just swapped one set of joint pains for another.
Yes, I think you might be right @EalingGran. The arthritis in my knees was ‘moderate to severe’ in 2016, and I should probably have joined a waiting list for surgery then or the following year. But I was only two years out from a hip replacement, and I had a new high flying job, and plans that would take me to Greece… And by the time I’d dealt with all that, we were in the middle of a pandemic, so I didn’t actually join the waiting list until 2022. I’ve been thinking that I had five unnecessary years of pain, and the last 15-18 months have been truly awful, but I don’t think I’d have appreciated my knee replacement(s) as much if I hadn’t been struggling so much!
Day 21 / 3 weeks:
I’m pretty pleased with my flexion and extension at this point… What do you think?! It looks like 0-120ish to me :yahoo: My operated leg is now less stiff and sore than the one that still needs doing! I’m a great advert for taking it easy after surgery - I rest more than anything else (by a long shot!) and if anything hurts, I stop doing it!


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Yes, I am amazed, @sistersinhim ! And to be clear, this is without pushing/forcing anything, and doing fewer exercises than the PT recommended - just what I feel I can manage… There is some stiffness limiting what I do, but no pain. I’m sure that has a lot to do with having had very little bruising or swelling, and also because I’m not doing much. I’m sure I’ll overdo it at some point, but I haven’t yet!
Unfortunately, most of us have and will overdo this recovery. When we start to feel better, we want to do more. That's when the knee can get really angry and throw a fit. That's why I named it 'The Brat'. Her temper tantrums really got old. When that happened I took off the next few days, increased my icing and elevating, along with much less activity and she calmed down.
@FionaW , it's @Merrimay from the hip recovery world. You were so kind to offer me recent words of comfort that I'll check in on you every few days now.

So pleased to see how well you're doing! Fingers crossed that tkr #2 goes well, too! I love your little dog! :dogwalk:
Oh, I meant to add that I, too, live in a cottage, though in the states. Built in 1906, limestone. Everyone says the same thing when they first see it: "It looks like a house you'd see in England!" The town was founded by the Anglo-American Coal Co, whose honchos tried creating a home away from home.

Like you, i had no choice but to recover downstairs, and a lot of my frustration came from constantly realizing that I'd left most of what I needed upstairs! :gaah:
That’s really interesting @Merrimay - of course, it makes sense that some of those big industrial corporations would have brought design and technology to the States with them, but I had no idea!

I’m lucky enough to have a stairlift, which I had installed last summer, when I was beginning to really struggle with stairs. Thank goodness! Have no idea how I’d be coping now, or how I would’ve coped over the last seven months, without it.

And last but not least, thank you very much for taking the time to pop in to my recovery thread and see how I’m doing. It’s really kind of you and much appreciated. :loveshwr:
Update, day 24: I have had a difficult few days. I think perhaps I’ve picked up a virus, because I have mild cold symptoms, and I have been even more exhausted than usual. The last couple of days I have kept falling asleep downstairs in my chair, as well as sleeping long (if broken!) nights. It’s a bit frustrating, but I guess it’s good for me, and my body is giving me no choice! :swoon:

I had a bit of a breakthrough last night though: I managed to sleep for a couple of hours on my operated side, and I didn’t wake up in pain, or any stiffer than usual. This is an important milestone for me, because all being well I’m due to have my other knee replaced in less than three weeks, so I need to be able to sleep on my other side by then. :sleeep:
Sorry to hear about the cold. I have had several since my PKR 6 months ago- but we live with a 22 month old biohazard ☣️ ( aka baby grandson!).
Hopefully you will be better off than me by having your rehab in the Spring/ Summer.
One thing I have learnt is that ideally this surgery is better for Spring/ Summer. Less risk of colds post-op, easier to get out and walk, less falls risk from wet leaves/ ice and nice weather improves your mood.
That is certainly true, @EalingGran . During this long and desperate winter wait for surgery, this has been one of the thoughts that has kept me from despair.
My hip replacement in 2014 was in May too, and it was a glorious summer, and I ended up, feeling very privileged not to have had to work through it!
Happy One Month Anniversary, Fiona!
Not too long of a wait now until it's, Lefty's, turn. Only 12 days to go. I hope you're ready to roll.
Wishing you all the best and comfort as you await the 23rd.
Thank you for checking in with me, @Layla and @Merrimay , it’s appreciated.
I found out yesterday that there’s been some sort of administrative mixup, and I wasn’t listed for surgery on the 23rd, as I was told I would be. I’m waiting for calls today to see whether that can be sorted out, and I’m trying not to despair or panic.

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